Tips for Tired Times

Are you tired this morning?   Me, too.  Thankfully, this is a good tired (for those of us who are Kansas City Royals baseball fans).  However, I’ve been the other tired for most of the month.  The exhausted, don’t feel good at all tired.

Unfortunately, tired and busy collided for me during late September and early October.  Here are some tips for getting through those tired times when all you want to do is hibernate but that is not an option.

Tips for Tired Times

  • Prioritize!  How many of all those things on your to-do list have to be done TODAY?  When you are absolutely exhausted, it is okay to procrastinate.  It is also okay to let things slide a bit.  I had to do the laundry but I didn’t have to deep clean the whole house.

  • Apply The Do It Now principle to the items on your to-do list you’ve determined must get done.  If you wait on those things, you may find yourself to tired to get them done and it seldom ends well if we put off the have-to items on our list.

  • It is ok to take shortcuts and skip things.  The family will survive a few boxed “heat and eat” meals or meals out.  I was surprised at how many lunches and dinners I could pull together out of my pantry and freezer (of course, a big grocery trip now looms on the horizon).  The world won’t come crashing down if you miss a school event with your kids.  I honestly should have missed a few marching band performances that I pushed myself to attend (because sitting in a cold football stadium is a great for when you’ve been sick.  Ha!)

  • Do the Minimum.  I love this concept!  It really does work if the house is really out of control and you are feeling overwhelmed and too tired to even start.

  • If you can rest, do it!  This one was hard for me.  I always feel like I’m being lazy if I’m sitting and watching Netflix because I’m tired as opposed to if I’m sitting and watching it because I made the choice to do it instead of something on my list.  It is okay to rest and take a small nap if you get the chance.

  • Sometimes you have to take steps to boost your energy level!  Things that work for me:  coffee (not too much though!), green tea (I prefer Stash Chai Green Tea),  Showering, Stepping outside for a few minutes, and my latest discovery thanks to the teenager, something called Gamma, an energy drink that doesn’t taste completely horrid.  I like it because it is not carbonated like Emergen-C which means I can mix it in a water bottle and take it with me.  Do NOT try to mix Emergen-C in a water bottle.  Trust me when I tell you the results will not be pretty.

  • Stay away from sugar because the low from a sugar high when you are feeling tired anyway is not pretty.  Speaking from experience on that one.  A lot of experience.

  • If someone is willing to step in and help, let them do it.  A tough one.  I’ll just say I don’t really practice what I preach here but I’m sure it would have helped if I’d been more willing to say okay and let me husband do some shuffling and making of the kids’ lunches.

I’m probably forgetting a few tips but I must finish up this post and move on to the big grocery trip on the horizon before I decide I’m too tired to cope with it.  What tips do you have for getting through the days when you lack energy and are so tired you’d much rather hibernate?



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2 thoughts on “Tips for Tired Times

  1. carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Great tips Jean! I sure hope you find your pep back soon. I know this holiday time of the year can get so overwhelming….and I think so much of the time we just do it to ourselves. Like your tips say – we need to prioritize correctly, don’t sweat the small stuff – and especially let others help us if it’s needed.

    Sending you big hugs and blessings fora wonderful weekend! xoxo
    carrie@northwoods scrapbook recently posted..Five on Friday: Spooky TourMy Profile

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