Happy Homemaker Monday and Menu Plan

Happy Homemaker Monday 2016!  I really did miss doing these posts during my break.  It’s amazing how much on track they kept me.  Can I just tell you how much difference having a menu plan makes around here?   Turns out I do so much better with a plan for our menus and our weeks.

I certainly hope Sandra over at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom continues this link up in 2016 and that Laura over at I’m An Organized Junkie hasn’t abandoned her Menu Plan Monday link ups either.  I find both to be such a source of encouragement and inspiration.  Make sure you hop over and check them.  Just try not to be inspired!

The weather this week

Cold, January is here!  Actually, not terrible cold though.  It’s 24 degrees this morning but it’s been in the low 40s mostly.  I’m sure the real cold weather is coming our way eventually.  This week is pretty much more of the same with a chance of rain Thursday and Friday.  Chance of snow flurries today but I doubt we see any.

On the breakfast plate this morning

My husband made us all biscuits and sausage.  I had a small glass of grape juice with mine.  I’m also having coffee with whipped cream because I ran out of almond milk yesterday and skipped going to the store yesterday.

View outside the windows

Gray skies, just looks cold and dreary.  Patches of the ice/snow mix from early last week are still covering the ground.


We’re all awake before noon (if you have teenagers, you know the accomplishment here!) and doing our own thing.  My youngest son is playing a video game, my husband is looking at his laptop, I’m working on the blog back here on the desktop wearing one of my slippers and one slipper sock because I can’t find the match for either one and my feet are cold, my oldest son is giving his brother unwanted gaming advice, and the cat is outside (at her request).

As I look around the house

I see clutter everywhere!  It is in need of a serious cleaning and clearing out.  It needed this before Christmas and now it needs it even more.  Ironically, the kitchen table is the clearest spot in the house (I did clean it off sometime on New Year’s Day).

To-Do List

It’s never-ending but here are my top 5 rather dull priorities for this week…

  1. Go to the grocery store!
  2. Laundry
  3. Clean off my bedside table and dresser and the floor between them.  It seems to be where all the Christmas trash and excess gathers each year.
  4. Write and schedule 2 more blog posts for this week.
  5. Write all the important dates on our calendar.  It’s so pretty and pristine right now but we need to know what is happening.

Books, Movies, and Television

My days are sort of blurred together still but I did read a few things last year.  I read through James Dashner’s newest young adult series that starts with The Eye of the Minds.  G is reading it now and we both agree this series would have made a much better movie franchise than the Maze Runner.  I also read several fun Christmas books during my preschool teaching times, discovering 2 new favorites at the library:  Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree by Robert Barry and The Little Christmas Tree by Karl Ruhmann.  I finally finished up The Western Guide to Feng Shui, Room by Room by Terah Kathryn Collins and it sits here way overdue at the library.  I’m sure that is not good energy.  Oops.

I apparently have quite a talent for picking out absolutely horrible Netflix movies.  You may want to pass on watching Lucy and John Wick.  Lesson learned, just because the movie has good actors it does not make it a good movie.  Thankfully, my husband is as good at picking out movies as I am bad about it.  I actually watched his Amazon prime choices of Interstellar twice and would probably watch it a third time (though it is worth noting, it is a long one!).   If you are a science fiction fan at all, watch Ex Machina, it’s amazing, fascinating, and creepy all at the same time.

I’m excited to see the conclusion of the short Heroes Reborn series which comes back this Thursday while I impatiently wait for new episodes of The Flash.  I’ve also started getting into the Limitless television series a bit.  I wasn’t impressed at first but it is getting better to the point I may go back and watch it from the start.


I’m trying to live out of our pantry and freezer a bit to save some money (it’s a January thing, right?) so 2 of these meals each week will be from the freezer/pantry made with things we have on hand.  Those meals are on Thursday and Friday this week.  Actually, I also have all my spaghetti things already as well and most of Tuesday’s meal as well.  The main meal I need to get ingredients for this week is on Wednesday.

Monday:  Spaghetti  (It’s National Spaghetti Day!  Hooray!)

Tuesday:  Cashew Chicken

Wednesday:  Turkey, Rolls, Cake, Jello, Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream (Epiphany)

Thursday:  BBQ sandwiches

Friday:  French toast and sausage

Homemaking Tip

This is a reminder to myself as well.  If you know you are going to be living out of the pantry and freezer for most of January, make sure to stock it with really good stuff in November and December so you aren’t eating Fish Sticks for several weeks in a row!

From the Camera

These are Christmas photos from the phone since I haven’t been very good about taking pictures lately.  I was sick around Christmas so I didn’t even really take many photos then…

The boys let us sleep in a bit on Christmas

The boys let us sleep in a bit on Christmas

The silly elf hid all of Santa's gifts under a Batman blanket

The silly elf hid all of Santa’s gifts under a Batman blanket

A close up of the cat from yesterday

A close up of the cat from yesterday

Quotes and Inspiration

“Celebrate everyday moments”

I found the above on Pinterest (click on it to see the beautiful graphic) and I do love it since celebrate is my word of the year.


What is on your agenda for the first week in January 2016?


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9 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday and Menu Plan

  1. Colletta

    I didn’t think Lucy was very good either! I was disappointed. We’re also eating out of the cupboard this week. On the bright side, I didn’t even have to go for groceries this week! Yay 🙂

    Enjoy your first week of the New Year!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I put off going to the store one extra day this week but I will have to go for lunch stuff tomorrow.

    1. Jean Post author

      It was actually spaghetti day! I keep thinking if I leave my calendar blank, then we won’t have to go do a bunch of stuff and can extend our break 😉

  2. Agnes

    Agenda? I make them but somehow doing them eludes me. I had the week off so I was going to get so much done…but alas, it was beautiful weather here and I decided life was too short to clean, cook and declutter. So the laundry awaits me, the dining room table is still cluttered …. and now that i am back to work, well I have no time for any of it…but remembering a saying from grandma….a messy home is a happy home….
    Agnes recently posted..AmazingMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I think any time the weather is beautiful, the to-do list can wait! I love that saying 🙂

  3. Elizabeth

    I think most of us have fallen behind. Do y’all have just a real long winter break did it start later? Ours started the Monday before Xmas. A friend of mines son was out the Friday before that and the children of another friend weren’t out until that Wednesday. Seems to me life would be easier if some stuff was standardized. 🙂
    Hope you are having a wonderful time with the family which it sounds like you are!

    1. Jean Post author

      We will have had 2 full weeks when they go back tomorrow. The boys break started the Wednesday before Christmas. Breaks vary like that around here as well. It does seem as if it was very short this time around but I think that was they way it was staged, them not getting out until closer to Christmas and then, I was also sick for a fair portion of it (no fun at all!). The boys have been great though and happy since I lacked the energy to make them actually leave the house except for a very few times.

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