Things to Celebrate in January

It’s January and my word of the year is celebrate.   January and celebrate don’t seem to fit together very well.

It is the month for tightening belts, both with money and food.  Rich foods and parties?  Nope, no more of that.  It is January.  What can there possibly be to celebrate this month?


Things to Celebrate in January:

New Year’s Day

whether you start at midnight or later in the day is totally optional.  I love the ideas for a New Year’s Day brunch I see floating around on Pinterest.  We kept our celebration low-key by eating spicy black-eyed peas and greens (I decided regular salad could count as greens…).

National Spaghetti Day on January 4

The Epiphany on the 6th

We’re having a feast in honor of the official end of the 12 days of the Christmas season as well as the day the wise men came to see baby Jesus.  Make a Three Kings Cake or go all out with this celebration.  I wish I’d seen this earlier!  I am going to make the cake from it though.

The Kids going back to school and getting back into a regular routine!

It’s okay to be happy to get back to a regular routine and a little less chaos.  Maybe celebrate with a really good cup of coffee (or three)!

Birthdays!  My birthday is in December and often, people think that people with December birthdays get shorted a bit but I don’t think it’s true.  It’s the January birthday people who have my sympathy.  Everyone is tired and often broke after the holidays.  Make sure you don’t forget any birthdays this month!

Houseplant Appreciation Day on the 10

I keep saying I’m having a birthday party for my Jade plant, the ONLY plant I’ve ever kept alive (almost) an entire year.

International Thank You Day on the 11th

Celebrate the return of your favorite television series!  Am I the only one waiting for my shows to come back from the mid-season finales?  

If you’re a sports fan say in Kansas City, celebrate the Chiefs making it to the play-offs!  Or if you aren’t a football fan, celebrate that it’s almost over…about a month to go (Superbowl 50 is February 7th, 2016)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on the 18th and it’s also Winnie the Pooh Day!

National Pie Day is on the 23rd

I always thought it was in March but I’m willing to celebrate it twice if necessary!

Celebrate Australia Day on the 26th

National Puzzle Day on the 29th

National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day on the 31st

sounds like a perfect excuse to visit the art museum!

Don’t forget it’s also national hot tea, oatmeal, and soup month!  National hobby month as well. 

Hopefully, you’re inspired by this list to get out there (or stay in) and celebrate something this month!  There really is something to celebrate each and every day.  This is just a list of the things that caught my eye.  Be sure to check out my sources listed below to see all the other fun days and weeks this month.

*Sources for dates from Holiday Insights and

*I’m linking up with the This is How We Roll Link Party, be sure to hop over and check out some of the great ideas!

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