Savoring the Slow

It’s that time between holidays when everything seems to be slow.  From about the end of September until right about now, life seems to move at a hectic whirlwind pace.  Then, January arrives and everything seems to go slow.

The money coming in is not as fast as it was flying out the door during the holiday seasons.  The days are lasting longer again as we move toward spring at what seems a snail pace.  Instead of running all over, we’re staying at home more.

I confess sometimes it is a little tough for me to embrace the slow down.  I’m not a stay at home person.  I live with homebody types so I should be used to the slow.  However, I get restless.  I pretend to thrive off incessant running of errands and the business of nothing.

I will never be a willing homebody.  I know in my heart that having somewhere to go each day even if it is a 5 minute errand helps me cope.  It motivates me to get up and get ready and not stay in bed until after 9a.m. or sit in my pajamas until noon.  Two things I may or may not have done today.

As I was thinking about my word of the year and searching for things to celebrate in January, I felt myself falling into the busy trap.  I could feel the restlessness trying to take hold.  The urge to follow the retail and blogging calendar to move forward to Valentine’s Day crept upon me.  I even hung the Valentine decor on the front door (confession: it may have still been on top of the art supply cabinet from last year and found during a cleaning/clearing off session).

Then, I remembered.  I can celebrate the slow.  I can savor it.   slow

Thinking back to last year, the title of my chapter was Renew, Refresh, and Reconnect.  I can celebrate a moment of peace and quiet.  I know it will most likely end too soon.

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2 thoughts on “Savoring the Slow

  1. Seana Turner

    Moments of pause can be very important. This is when we reflect and ponder and wonder. If we are constantly rushing through, we may miss something very important. These times are few and far between, and I need to remember to be still and listen. It isn’t my natural inclination, but I never regret it!

    1. Jean Post author

      It’s not my natural inclination either. I so prefer to be doing something or at least planning to do something.


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