Happy Homemaker Monday And Menu Plan

It seems like it has been awhile since I was able to write one of these posts on an actual Monday morning!  I’m glad to have a few minutes to just relax and work on my blog today.  It’s been much too long it seems.

I’m also doing laundry but let’s not talk about that!

As usual, I’m linking up with Sandra from Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, the gracious host for Happy Homemaker Mondays.  I am also linking to Menu Plan Monday, hosted by Laura from I’m An Organizing Junkie, her menu planning posts always keep me inspired even on weeks when I simply have my menu scribbled on a sticky note.

The Weather

It’s winter.  Cold (well, technically not that cold as it’s really 31 degrees out there but after a weekend in the 50s it feels cold), howling wind, and bursts of snow this morning.  Supposed to be colder than normal all week but not much else is predicted.

Right Now I Am

Sitting at the still messy and unorganized desk typing up this post while listening to the wind blow outside.  Enjoying being alone (finally!) in a quiet house.  Wondering how long until our little gray cat demands to check the weather outside again.


I am probably going to pay the price for not running errands today because even though it looks like I have the next 2 days off work, something will likely come up and I’ll be called in.  I’m hoping I get a couple of days though.  I am also (already) wondering how much to plan for this weekend.  It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday, President’s Day (observed) on Monday, and my boys have both next Monday and Tuesday off school.

On My TV

I’ve been watching The Flash and The 100, both of which were intense last week.  I can’t wait to see what happens on the shows this week.  I’ve also started watching You, Me, and Apocalypse on Thursday nights.  It’s a fun show.  My new Netflix addiction is Better Call Saul.  My husband said it was too slow for him but I am loving seeing early glimpses of all the seedy Breaking Bad characters.

Oh, and of course, we watched the Superbowl (YAWN) last night.  Did you think it was rather dull?  My husband said it was because it was a defensive game.  I was a bit disappointed in the commercials (outside of Jason Bourne!  CAN NOT wait) and the half-time show as well.   Not a huge Lady GaGa fan but I  was impressed with her rendition of our national anthem.  Best part of the whole night, I think.

On The Menu for This Week

Today is my husband’s birthday so we’ve tentative plans to go out to dinner with his parents.  We actually celebrated yesterday morning by going out to breakfast and I made the traditional chocolate cake with white frosting.  I just updated my photos in that post so go check it out, the pictures have gone from terrible to okay.

MONDAY:  OUT, possibly for Chinese food as it is the Chinese New Year (Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!)

TUESDAY:  Chicken and Noodles

WEDNESDAY:  Vegetarian Chili (probably hot dogs for the boys)

THURSDAY:  I work all day so probably something simple like fish sticks and baked potatoes

FRIDAY:  Another work day for me so either leftovers or maybe breakfast for dinner

On My To-Do List (Top 5)

  1. Laundry
  2. Go to the Grocery Store and Sam’s Club
  3. Make sure I mail out February birthday and Valentine cards this week
  4. Finalize a Bunco Menu for next week (new post coming soon!) as well as get RSVP info
  5. Get J some Valentines to hand out at his class party and find some I can give out to the preschoolers (This should probably be Number 1).

In The Craft Basket

Um, nothing.  I don’t have a craft basket.  J and I did try out some adult coloring and both agreed we found the busy patterns more stressful than relaxing.  I may try to make some calm down bottles depending on time.  Otherwise, I’ll spend my time reading 🙂

Looking Forward to This Week

Some time at home to both relax and get things done!

Looking Around the House

I cleaned some over the weekend (not enough) so it’s not awful outside of the laundry and the kitchen which spiraled out of control last night.  I see things I’d like to organize and hope I might get to them this week.

From the Camera

My coloring page

My coloring page

Gift from a preschool student, made it at home and brought in for me!

Gift from a preschool student, made it at home and brought in for me!  I hung it up beside my computer back here.

Chelsey's new friend. I've been calling him Mr. Mistoffelees. Friendly little cat.

Chelsey’s new friend. I’ve been calling him Mr. Mistoffelees. Friendly little cat.

My husband's cake waiting to go into the oven

My husband’s cake waiting to go into the oven

Thoughts for the Week

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this:  Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.  (James 1:19)


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9 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday And Menu Plan

  1. Beverly

    Pretty cat – a new cat for you or a neighborhood cat? Do you color to relax? I don’t find it relaxing if I am worrying about lines. I do like doodling when I am bored though.

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh no, just a new cat in the neighborhood. We think it must belong to one of the neighbors, very friendly and vocal. We haven’t quite been able to pet it but it doesn’t run off like a stray cat would tend to do. I thought I’d try out the color to relax trend but found it rather stressful, just looking at some of those adult coloring books with all the patterns really stresses me out. I don’t mind the designs with more white space in them though.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Well, baseball season is getting close at least 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

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