Uses for An Old Cookie Sheet: Tiny Tip on a Thursday

Do you have an old cookie sheet you rarely use for baking anymore and it really needs to be thrown away but still lives in your cabinet?   I’m not going to give you the standard, get rid of it, clear the clutter advice.  Instead, I’m going to give you some uses for your old cookie sheet.

Note:  If you have 5 old cookie sheets that fit the description above, please do throw all but one away!  Treat yourself to some new cookie sheets.

I keep one old, worn out cookie sheet under my sink because I find it useful.

old cookie sheet

3 ways I use an old cookie sheet:

  1. As an oven drip pan when baking something that may spill over.  I won’t cook the dish directly on the cookie sheet since it is a bit warped but I will put it on the bottom rack of my oven as insurance to catch any spills that may happen.
  2. Frozen pizza landing pad and slicing area.
    old cookie sheet

    I use this cookie sheet to get the pizza off the oven rack.

    We cook our frozen pizzas directly on the oven rack and so need a pan to slide them onto once they are finished cooking.

    old cookie sheet

    We then slice our pizza right on the cookie sheet

    Since my husband slices the frozen pizzas while they are directly on the cookie sheet, using an old, worn out one saves my newer ones from the knife damage.  This is the main reason I hang on to my old cookie sheet.

    old cookie sheet

    My make-shift pan lid.

  3.  Use an old cookie sheet as a lid on skillet that doesn’t have one.  Sometimes I need to cover my largest skillet while something is simmering.  I don’t have a lid that fits well so I simply use my old cookie sheet.

Sometimes I’ll also use it to freeze cookie dough balls or extra french toast slices after I’ve lined it with parchment paper.

Any arts and crafts that require the oven would also see me using my old cookie sheet.  I’m not super crafty (what ever the word for the opposite of super crafty might be, that’s me) so I don’t use it this way very often.

Do you keep an old cookie sheet around for any reasons not listed above?

With this post, I’m introducing a new blog segment titled Tiny Tip on a Thursday.   I’ve been a little frustrated lately as I find myself neglecting the blog after saying I’m going to post more often.  Putting together blog posts takes a fair amount of time  (and I probably spend less time than I should on most).

After full days working at a preschool, I do not usually possess the brain power to write in complete sentences let alone edit 300+ words (Side note:  If you ever see a glaring grammar error in one of my posts, please let me know!).  I came up with Tiny Tip on a Thursday as a solution to not being able to post as often because of the time and daunting task of writing a full-length post.          tinytip

Tiny Tip on a Thursday will be just what the title says.  My posts will be short and simply contain a tiny tip that I’ve found to be useful and hope you will also.  They will be about a variety of topics.

Sometimes I’m the very last person in the world to figure something out but I’ll still share my tiny tips in case I’m the second to the last person to be aware of the tip.  I hope you’ll find some of my tiny tips useful or at the very least enjoy reading a brief post from me each Thursday.

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    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I’m excited about this and already have a sheet with several ideas written down. Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend!

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