Organizing Issues I Need To Solve

I have several organizing issues I need to solve. Some of them I have foggy ideas about what to do swirling in my brain (I guess it could count as one of those organizing issues as well then). Others, I have tried various solutions and they simply did not work for my real-life, we have to live here and use this stuff family.

Then, there are those organizing issues that I have absolutely no idea how to solve and I wait impatiently for the bolt of lightening to strike an idea in my brain (or I just browse Pinterest for a couple of minutes before becoming distracted by food or party ideas).

I thought I’d share some of my organizing issues with you so you could either not feel so alone if you share them or give me a great idea that has worked for you in these areas.

My Kitchen and Pantry Area Organizing Issues:

My cleaning supply area.  The supplies won’t stay organized, the area won’t stay clean (What is it with dirty cleaning supplies?  Why oh why does my broom gather dust??).

organizing issues

This area needs help.

It also has become a stashing point for things that do not belong.  And please, do not get me started on the shelves that are an odd size.

The odd sized shelves in the kitchen.  Does anyone else deal with odd sized shelves in your kitchen and pantry areas?  Please, please tell me how you cope?

organizing issues

It is in an odd place in our hallway so hard to photo but the long narrow space below holds our brooms and mops.

Bags of chips.  My boys like potato chips in their lunches.  We all like chips around here.  However, the bags of chips multiply!  I cannot figure out a good way to store these!  I think if I could figure out the chips, then the rest of our pantry would fall magically into place.

organizing issues

our chip storage

My Living Room Organizing Issues:

Video Game Central

While my teenager has most his video gaming stuff in his basement hang out, my husband and younger son also like to play video games.  Our television stand often becomes littered with games cases and controllers.  I can’t seem to find a functional (meaning they’d actually use it) yet attractive way to contain and organize all their video game supplies (cases, controllers, etc).

organizing issues

One of my current attempts

Shoes and Backpacks

Our couch is the emptying zone for after school accessories and shoes tend to get kicked off right by the door.  Unfortunately, the area by the door is too narrow to accommodate a shoe basket.  The backpacks can go on a hook farther from the door but they seldom make it there so I don’t consider the solution a working one.

My Toy Organizing Issues

Honestly, the boys are older so this isn’t a huge deal anymore as they really don’t play with lots of toys anymore.  However, there are 2 items that I seem to have been searching for organizing solutions since before they were born (okay, maybe not that long):  Nerf guns and Cards (mainly Y-Gi-Oh!).

This Nerf gun rack is one of my most re-pinned Pinterest pins but I’ve yet to talk my husband into making one of these for us.  Right now the Nerf guns just kind of live in a heap on the floor of J’s closet.

The cards drive me to the brink of insanity.  Yes, I know about the trading card notebooks like collectors use to store baseball cards.  They make decks with their cards and spread them out and my children aren’t going to take the time to slide these cards in and out of sleeves.  Honestly, I don’t think I could handle that as an adult.

I’ve tried photo boxes.  G does have some cards in a big heap in the photo boxes.  I’ve tried hanging Ziploc bags.  It worked sort of.  My latest attempt which is not really working:  these little drawers I found at The Dollar Tree.

organizing issues

Seemed like a good idea to me but they didn’t really go for it.

Beyblades used to be another issue for us but the boys have mostly outgrown the need to constantly add to that collection.  I ended up simply storing all the Beyblades in their stadiums.  My husband did give the kids old fishing tackle boxes for Beyblades and parts which worked somewhat well when they were very into them.

My Bathroom Organizing Issue

It may sound silly to those of you with big, spacious bathrooms but perhaps my friends with smaller bathrooms will understand.

Extra toilet paper storage!  I can’t figure out a good and convenient way to do this.  My recycled container did not hold up well under the scrutiny of the husband and kids (they thought it too hard to get the rolls out of there).

My Paper Organizing Issue

Kids’ papers!  I don’t mean artwork.  I mean report cards and test results that I am completely torn between keeping (might need these some day) and throwing away (What if the kids want them some day?  Should I shred them for privacy reasons?)

Oddly enough, the bedrooms around here aren’t unorganized so much as just rather messy.  A good cleaning would be enough to put them in order.

Can you identify with any of these issues?  What is your biggest organizing issue?



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8 thoughts on “Organizing Issues I Need To Solve

  1. carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    I hear ya about many of these areas Jean! Here’s a few things that help me:

    *for those odd shaped shelves I’d find some tiny buckets or caddys (that what I have) that can hold the supplies by theme. I like them to have a little handle so easy to grab and go. So one could hold dusting rags, duster and polish. Another could hold window cleaner and paper towel roll. Another some household cleaner or spray and old rags. I keep a lot of plastic bags I reuse in an old plastic pull-out wipe canister that used to hold anti-bacterial wipes. It looks like an ordinary canister sitting on the shelf, but inside are rolled up plastic bags ready to be pulled out and used as needed. Nice and tidy 😉

    *I love baskets. My daughter has book basket to keep her books by the reading chair. Cabinets can hold baskets – also for things by theme and keep things tidier. I have one basket that holds my baking supplies. So I pull out that shelf from the pantry cabinet and can grab that one basket when I bake (has chocolate chips, baking powder & soda, cocoa powder, salt, cooking spray etc). I also have basket in the pantry just for holding the kiddos snacks. one basket just with boxes of pasta and sauce etc. The basket holds the “mess” but at least it’s by theme and easier to access those things. Plus, when you open the cabinet it looks better.

    *I think for the back pack thing – maybe you need accessible hooks closer to where they come in? Could even hang a shelf on the wall that could have baskets on top for storage and hooks below for the backpacks. I found that I have to be the “enforcer” sometimes to make sure my kiddos follow those rules. A time or 2 grounded from their phone etc helps the remember that Mom made it very clear they need to clean up after themselves when they come home from school. 🙂

    *I think the toilet paper issue could also be resolved with cute baskets. You can find all shapes and sizes and I have seen many cute deep baskets that are as narrow as a toilet tank. They could sit right on the tanks and hold the spare rolls already out of the package and ready to go.

    * For the chip issue I would divide up the big bag into smaller baggies ready to go for their lunches and have a nice snack basket to hold them and other lunch goodies. Looks nice and everything is handy for on the go! Even a plastic bin labeled “lunch snacks” would be perfect!

    *As far as the cards go – I think you’ve done more than enough to accomodate nice storage for them. Again, I think enforcer Mom needs to come out and let them know if things remain laying out and not in the nice storage, they’ll go in the garbage. A few times actually throwing some out and showing you mean business can usually get that message across loud and clear. 😉

    Hope some of this helps Sweetie! Happy Valentine’s weekend! xoxo
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  2. Christine

    I can identify with a lot of these and I have suggestions!!!

    Most of the problems could be solved with baskets. Our pantry has baskets for each section of stuff. The kids know they can’t open another whatever until there’s room in the basket for it. Cleaning supplies are also in baskets. It keeps them from taking over an entire shelf. I see you have a bunch of plastic shopping bags there: those can be folded into tiny triangles and stored in a small space. It sounds tedious, but it actually only takes a few minutes. I usually do mine in the car while I’m waiting for the kids to get out of school.

    I also can’t help but notice you have at least one of what appears to be a phonebook. If you have a smart phone, you don’t need that. In the event of a power outage/phone line outage/Apocalypse, you can just search for the number you need to dial from your phone using your data plan.

    The other thing you need the most to make this stuff all work is discipline: for both you and the kiddos. My kids are not born organized, BUT they’re great at keeping their things semi organized. There’s a method to this though: first, ask them how they use the items (in this case, the cards). Then you ask if they have an idea of a better way to store them. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. You suggest a way (if I were you, I’d get a deck box. We did those for a long time before my kids were ready for binders). Ask them if they think that would solve their problem. They say yes (probably, because going on with this will get tiresome) and then you bring them over to your computer and let them pick out what color deck box they want on Amazon (never fear, they’re like $3). Or take them to a card store to pick out the color they want. Then, when you see the cards out, you gently remind them that they forgot to put them away. If that doesn’t work, you tell them they have to put them away. If you have to, you can add a consequence like “no playing outside until those cards are put away”. The great thing about a deck box is that it only takes them a minute to throw all the cards in there.

    It sucks to have to be stern with them at times, especially over something so trivial, but you have to remember that one of your main roles in life is to train them for adulthood. Stay on top of it and be consistent, and before you know it, they’ll be doing it out of habit. And really, you want them to grow up to be the kind of adult that picks up their things and puts things away. It will make their lives easier at home, at work, and even with potential spouses. Just don’t go over the deep end. Make sure your tone is light, but always, always follow through, every single time.

    Does that kind of make sense?

    Good luck! You can do this!!

    Oh, and extra toilet paper: we use these tall baskets from The Dollar Tree. They hold 5 extra large rolls, which is totally perfect.
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    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions! My husband (believe it or not) occasionally uses the phone books for his work so we keep them at his insistence. Thankfully, we don’t keep all the phone books just the few you see there. I’ll have to see if I can find some tall baskets at The Dollar Tree, I don’t recall seeing any at the one I frequent but the stores around here (we have 3 fairly close to us) do tend to carry slightly different merchandise.

  3. Agy

    Oh I hear you on this. We have been going through some organising and those plastic shelve like drawers (like in ur pic) work well but you cant stack too many. For the beyblades we used tool boxes too but then donated them – too many! I think my biggest gripe is the pantry. Everythint comes in diff shapes and sizes and it is so difficult to arrange them so that they r still accessible to hungry family members! But even then, after setting the pantry in order a day later it will look like a tornado went thru it!

    1. Jean Post author

      I know exactly what you mean about having things in order, then once they are used, the order is no more. It would be nice if the boxes and bags could all be closer to the same sizes and shapes wouldn’t it!

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