Five Easter Brunch Planning Mistakes To Avoid

I made a few Easter brunch planning mistakes this year.  I knew better but some years I have it all together (usually when Easter is in April) and some years are just off years.  I have to give myself pep talks just to get through the planning and preparations of it all.

I hope and am fairly certain that despite the poor weather and my lack of planning and preparations, all our family had a good time and enjoyed most of the food.  I just know that it could have been better and this year’s Easter brunch did not meet my own personal standards.

I still can’t believe I forgot to take a single picture of my table set-up!  It could have been a bit better as well.  Last year’s table was much prettier, I thought.

Here are 5 mistakes I made this year that I’m hoping to avoid next year when Easter is back where it belongs in the month of April (Hooray!).  If you are planning a holiday or other event, I hope you can learn from my mistakes.

Five Easter Brunch Planning Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Procrastination!  I certainly struggle with this in more areas than Easter brunch planning.  I didn’t make very good use of my time the week before Easter.  I was busy, yes, but I could have managed my time much better and not been trying to do so much at the last-minute.

  2. Not having a menu plan!  I make a menu plan for our dinners almost every week even if I don’t follow them exactly.  For some reason this year, I decided to just sort of wing it for Easter brunch.  A lot of the items are the same each year but I still would have benefited from having a plan.  Perhaps it would have saved me the grief of getting up early on Easter morning and deciding I needed just one more kind of muffin on the table.  I’m pretty sure that messed up my whole time-table off just enough that I didn’t have the fruit tray ready as guests were arriving.

  3. Putting too many new recipe choices on the brunch table and forgoing standby favorites.  I got a little carried away with trying new recipes this year despite having no time to really experiment.  The Friday and Saturday before Easter brunch are not really the days when new recipes should be tested.  One batch of blueberry pie muffins went right into the trash in the judging style of Joe Bastianich when he was on Master Chef.  I ended up putting a less than great muffin recipe on the table as I was searching (see #1) for a few dairy free recipes to put out for one of my nieces.  I did have a few successes though with some almond cookies that turned out great (will be a repeat) and filling tart shells with lemon curd (Where has that stuff been all my life?).

  4. Ignoring the weather forecast.  We did not really expect snow but I knew there was a good chance of rain.  If I had been more on top of my game, I might have put some thought into the Easter brunch set-up so the brunch table traffic could have moved more freely as we have a smaller home.  Turns out people eat more when they can move about and go inside and outside.

  5. Not delegating specific chores to my husband and boys.  My husband and kids did help clean a bit before Easter brunch as I was busy but I definitely should have been more specific about what I needed them to clean (um, bathroom floors!) instead of leaving them on their own.  My youngest son’s room looked great but I’d have rather his room stayed a mess than gone into the bathroom mid-brunch and realize he didn’t bother to wipe up all the dirt from the cat hair corner (our weird cat insists on having her water in the bathroom and her corner gets rather nasty).

I’m sure I made other Easter brunch planning mistakes but those are the main five I’m hoping not to repeat next year.

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2 thoughts on “Five Easter Brunch Planning Mistakes To Avoid

    1. Jean Post author

      Aw, you are very kind! It really was just a kind of off year. I did manage to make enough food for everyone at least 🙂


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