Kids’ Easter Candy: An Easy Way To Store It

Are you struggling with the kids’ Easter candy that is still lingering around and begging you to do your parental duty and eat it all to save your kids’ health and teeth?  Kids’ Easter Candy, the bane of parents almost everywhere.

We don’t want them to eat it all.  We don’t want to eat it all (well, maybe).  It had been more than a week since Easter over here and still looked like the bunny’s basket exploded.  In every single room of the house almost.

I knew it was time to take action.

It’s also time for my Tiny Tip on a Thursday.  Again, I can’t take credit for this amazing tip.  It came to me long ago from one of my Internet friends.  tinytip

A few years ago, I was lamenting about my very real struggle not to eat all the kids’ Easter candy floating around our house or perhaps it was about Halloween or Christmas candy (the tip works for all kinds!).  Her simple suggestion and solution has been such a life saver (We have some of those floating around here as well!).

It only requires 2 tools in addition to the extra candy:

  1. A Sharpie (really, any pen would do but I think things always seem a bit more official if written with a Sharpie, don’t you?)

    Kids' Easter Candy

    Some of my Sharpie Stash

  2. A gallon sized Ziploc bag

Can you guess where this is going?   First, label that Ziploc bag with your child’s name.  Then, dump all the extra candy in it.

Kids' Easter Candy

All in one place and labeled with a name. 

Kids' Easter Candy

More Candy!

Now, throw it in a cabinet somewhere so it is out of your sight.

The old cliché, out of sight, out of mind, is true!

When my boys were younger, this was a nice control for me and them as well.

I could put the bags of candy in an out of reach cabinet (now, they can reach things I can’t!) and dole out the candy proportionally instead of constantly.  Of course, I really don’t get too excited about that part anymore.  I threw away Halloween candy right before Christmas and today I found and threw away Christmas candy in the teenager’s room (bummer because I would have eaten it).

Something about seeing their names written on the bag also encourages us to actually ask permission before stealing one of those chocolate Easter eggs.  My boys are usually great about saying okay!

It also helps if you have some of your own Easter candy left….

Kids' Easter Candy

I’m not sharing this!

What do you do with all the left over Easter candy at your house?

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4 thoughts on “Kids’ Easter Candy: An Easy Way To Store It

  1. Deanna

    Oooho girl! Do I even dare to think that *I* was the long time ago Internet friend that shared this tip with you?

    I just took care of the Easter candy from the baskets that have been sitting on one of the living room chairs (LOL) on Monday. It is so nice to have that taken care of, and of course labeled.

    Now, to just get the Easter totes out and put the baskets away. I’m letting go of all of the plastic grass this year from the years past. I purchased new grass on a high discount this year at Walgreen’s. I think the other grass we’d been using for closet to 10 years. We’re also going to need new clear bags that go over the baskets when the Bunny hides them. The bags are to protect the cat from eating the grass.

    I’m hoping to find your Easter Brunch post here soon 🙂 Totally miss reading about it.

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, it was you 🙂 🙂 J is the only one with Easter candy left now. Well, wait…actually G has a whole box (unopened) of fruit snacks in his room that he forgot. That is a good idea with the bags to protect the baskets from the cat. Easter brunch this year was kind of blah (I thought). I did write a post about 5 mistakes I made with it this year.

      1. Deanna

        Are you still at the old email address I have for you? Or could you email me, then I’ll have whichever one you are using?

        1. Jean Post author

          I’m not sure which one you have? The yahoo one and att ones both come to the same place so I’ll get an e-mail from either of those 🙂 I can hop over an email you as well though 🙂


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