Star Wars: The Force Awakens Made Me Sleepy

We finally got around to watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We rented it from a local video shop.  I thought the kids might be excited to see it.

I suppose if they weren’t super excited about seeing it at the theater, then I should have known they wouldn’t be excited about watching it at home.  J was excited until he realized it was the new one.  He wanted to see the original and refused to watch it until he’s seen the original movies.

G said he didn’t care to watch it.  Maybe later but he’d really rather go see Batman Vs. Superman at the theater.  So, that left my husband and I watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens on our own.  It probably would not have been my first pick for movie night with my husband but that was okay.

Neither of us are huge Star Wars fans but I did see The Empire Strikes Back at the movie theater when I was a kid.  I remember liking it and arguing about who would get to be Princess Leia while playing in the summer with my friend.  I never got that in to the movies though either as a kid or an adult.

As much as I love pretty much all things science fiction, the Star Wars trilogy (and now all those prequels) never appealed to me quite as much.  I also love pretty much anything J.J. Abrams does so thought perhaps he could make me a fan of the rebooted series.  (Side note:  Are there no new ideas out there?  Why all the rebooted series all of a sudden?)   After all, he made my husband like the new Star Trek movies.  I did like those as well.

My thoughts as we watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens were the following:

  • Huh?  I always thought the Storm Troopers were robot people.  Perhaps I should have re-watched the originals first…can’t remember.
  • What did these people say their names were again?
  • Girl Power!   (It’s an 80s/90s thing)
  • I certainly hope the action picks up pretty soon.  My husband was already reaching for his lap top to multi-task.  Once some friends from the old series showed up in the film, things did improve.
  • This seems awfully familiar.  It’s almost just like the first movie.
  • My husband to me:  Are they brother and sister?  Me:  No.  Speculates that perhaps they are, however, cousins.
  • As much as I love J.J.Abrams, I think a better choice for director of this reboot may have been Peter Jackson.  At least, he knows when to make a movie shorter and his movies are usually long!
  • No!  No spoilers in my review even for a movie I didn’t really like very much.  However, I was particularly upset at a certain part.
  • Is this movie over yet?

What did I do after watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens?  I watched The Martian for a 3rd time so I could (finally) see the very beginning and so J could watch it with me.  A much better movie in my opinion.

Are we the only ones out there who just weren’t that impressed with Star Wars: The Force Awakens? 



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