Coffee Without Milk? No, Thank You.

How do you take your coffee?  I do not drink coffee without milk.  Unless, I am extremely desperate for my caffeine fix.

I don’t need the sweet so have never added sugar in any form to my coffee.  However, I cannot drink it black.  My husband does that.  He pours his cup, if he is in a hurry, he’ll throw an ice-cube in there to cool it down, and just drinks it.

That is just wrong.

This coffee needs something.

This coffee needs something.

The coffee is the wrong color!

My coffee has to be just the right color for me to really enjoy it.  I used to use regular milk but now I use Almond milk, the color is admittedly a little different but still acceptable.  I mainly switched to Almond milk to save on calories and because my husband and kids aren’t huge milk drinkers and Almond milk lasts quite a bit longer.  Plus, I do like it!

This coffee with a splash of almond milk is the way I like it.

This coffee with a splash of almond milk is the way I like it.

However, I am not allergic to dairy so if we have regular milk (rarely), I can use it.  If we are out of all types of milk, I have to search for more creative options.

For my Tiny Tip on A Thursday, I thought I’d share two of my creative options with you.  Just in case, you must have your coffee a particular color as well and occasionally run out of milk.

The first option is one of my favorites because it makes the coffee feel coffee-house fancy!  Whipped cream on top of the coffee!

We usually have this in our fridge. It's good on strawberries, ice cream (that's my husband's thing), and in coffee!

We usually have this in our fridge. It’s good on strawberries, ice cream (that’s my husband’s thing), and in coffee!

I like to drink it through the whipped cream but you can certainly stir the whipped cream into your coffee until you find that perfect mocha color.

Looks fancy and fun not like I'm simply out of milk.

Looks fancy and fun not like I’m simply out of milk.

I discovered my second option just this past Sunday out of pure desperation.  We were out of both almond milk and whipped cream!  I was trying to suffer through a cup of black coffee but it just wasn’t working.  I opened the freezer door for some reason and there was the answer!

Vanilla Ice Cream!  I think this may be a fun option on a hot summer day even if I do have milk on hand.  Move over, root beer.  I made myself a coffee float!

A coffee float! I may do this on purpose if it ever warms up this summer.

A coffee float! I may do this on purpose if it ever warms up this summer.

How do you like your coffee?  Or are you a tea drinker?  I like my tea with a splash of almond milk as well but I don’t think I’d try the other options in tea.

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11 thoughts on “Coffee Without Milk? No, Thank You.

  1. Annie

    I’m with you – can’t drink black coffee, no way no how. Both those emergency options are great, emergency or no emergency! I live 20 minutes from the nearest shop so I try really really hard to never run out of milk, but it does happen occasionally. So I keep “milk cubes” in the freezer – ice cubes made of milk that I use my regular ice cube trays to make.

    1. Jean Post author

      That’s a great tip! Thank you. I may have to give that a try with some chocolate milk I just picked up for my teenager. I know he won’t finish the carton before he gets tired of it. Chocolate milk ice cubes sound like a good thing to me.

  2. Jessica

    Thanks for some wonderful ideas on how I can try taking my coffee. I always need some type of dairy or milk products in my coffee. To cut cost I’ve been using nondairy powder creamer. As much as I love my milk I can’t wait to try one of those other options. Thanks for the blog post while I drink my morning coffee.

    1. Jean Post author

      I hope you found them useful! I only use coffee creamer if I’m at a restaurant & that’s the only option. I do love that Chik-Fil-A has flavored creamers. I love Annie’s idea for the milk cubes in the freezer, might be a great way to cut costs as well.

  3. Agnes Shapiro

    I too cannot drink black coffee….hubby loves it. But I used to have it with half and half…but found out I am now lactose intolerant so have started using almond milk also. Now I cant drink coffee without it. Big cup first think in the morning…keeps me going all day. Have a great one!
    Agnes Shapiro recently posted..So Very SofiaMy Profile

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