Room A Week Re-Do Challenge

I am challenging myself to re-do a room a week for the rest of the summer.  Would you like to join me?     ROOM


The answer is simple.  My house is a disaster!  I’ve also been watching too many home interior type shows on Netflix.

While it is never a good idea to compare to others to the point it brings discontent, I do think it is okay to compare or maybe observe is a better word and think, “I can do better.”

I will confess one of the reasons you haven’t seen many organizing type posts on this blog lately is I’ve not been doing any organizing or (ahem) cleaning and clearing.  I’ve let things slide so much.  I’ve become overwhelmed by the chaos.

With summer and me working, it has simply spiraled out of control.  It is time to take back my home.


I’ve decided to attempt a room a week in my efforts to take back my home.  I don’t expect to see huge results when I’m done with this but to simply have perhaps a little breathing room.  Right now, I feel claustrophobic and unsettled in my own home.  I also feel as if our home has no style.

I do plan to start this week and will have to of course, adjust on weeks like next where I work a full schedule.  However, my basic plan for each room will be this:

Day 1: Make a list of what is bothering me the most in the room and/or decide on what style I’d like in the room (read spend some time each day browsing Pinterest and watching home shows on Netflix).

Day 2:  Clean.  Ugh, why must every redecorating project start with this?  Never mind cleaning may just solve quite a few of the decorating dilemmas around here.

Day 3: Finish cleaning if necessary.  Did I mention how I’d really let things slide around here since summer started?

Day 4: Organize areas in need (probably every corner of every room!)

Day 5: Finish organizing if necessary.  Make a wish list of future projects and/or items needed for finishing the room.

Day 6: Add a few finishing touches that make me happy to the room.  I will probably either shop the house for this or give myself a very limited budget (not over $20) for each room.

Day 7: Enjoy finished results but also make a maintenance plan for keeping room nice.  Maintaining is an area where I struggle.  Am I the only one?  I can make things nice and clean and pretty once but then, it never seems to last.


I have already started with a small project this week.  While I didn’t do much, clearing off probably 3 months of clutter on my desk has certainly helped me want to sit here and gaze longingly a Pinterest write a bit more.

Which Room is First?

Normally, I’d use the Flylady style and start with the kitchen.  However, we had a leaking dishwasher water issue with the floor and things are even more chaotic than normal in there currently.  We can’t even sit at the table together.  Thankfully, a new dishwasher should arrive Friday and then, I can concentrate on taking back my kitchen.

Since the kitchen is not a viable option this week, I’ve decided to focus on our bedroom for this week.  I will share about my success and challenges on the blog.

Would you like to join me?  What room or rooms in your house need the most attention?



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