Tiny Tip on A Thursday: The Best Time to Visit the Pool

This is another one of those tiny bits of wisdom I wish I could take the credit for simply knowing.  However, it’s a tip a friend gave me long ago when my boys were quite young.   tinytip

It actually may not work for you right now if your children are younger and set in a very rigorous napping schedule.  However, file this one in the back of your mind for your upcoming days with older children.  The ones who you will eventually sleep in during the summer mornings into the early summer afternoons.

We haven’t been to the pool as much as I would like this summer since our favorite local neighborhood one shut down operations.  It’s left us with the local public “water park” pool as our closest option.

While we have lots of options, I do much better if we go to the place closest to home as do my boys.  We tend to be very spur of the moment on our pool trips and the other options don’t really lend themselves well to that luxury.  The local pool has a couple of water slides plus a lazy river so while we miss our plain rectangle of a pool, it’s not a complete bummer to visit there.

However, hot + summer mostly equals CROWDED.  We don’t like crowds.  And we especially don’t like crowds at the pool.  The pool opens at 11:00a.m.  We have never been there that early (well, maybe one time when J went to a friend’s birthday party).

The best pool time is to arrive at about 2:30-3:00p.m and stay until 5:30-6:00p.m.

The people who have been there since it opened are leaving and going home to put younger kids down for afternoon naps and get dinner started.  It clears out rather quickly.

Sometimes, when we first arrive, lawn chairs are hard to find but we usually always find a couple (not like we sit and lounge in them anyway.  For us, they are simply stuff holders.) of chairs in the middle area.  However, usually soon after we are there, the chairs start to empty as the crowd packs up to go home.

I think the most peaceful pool time is from 4:00p.m. until a little after 5:00p.m.  I’ve noticed it is a bit of a transition time.  After 5:00p.m., the new wave of pool goers begin to arrive.  We usually leave between 5:30 and 6:00p.m.

Dinner does sometimes get shuffled around (read turn into ordering pizza) on pool days but when the weather is as hot as we’ve had this week, I’m not cooking that much anyway.

Bonus tip;  If it is super hot, leave your sandals or flip-flops on while walking between areas, that concrete burns!

What is your favorite time to visit a pool?

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4 thoughts on “Tiny Tip on A Thursday: The Best Time to Visit the Pool

  1. Agnes Shapiro

    Not really a pool person and all my children are grown. But I did take them to the beach and you are right, the later you go the better. Plus once home they were tired enough to go to bed after dinner and a bath. The sea and salt knocked them out.
    Agnes Shapiro recently posted..GrandbabiesMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      If we lived near a beach, I don’t think my kids would have a chance! I’d want to be there all the time 🙂 That is one thing with older kids, the water doesn’t quite knock them out like it does with the little ones.

  2. Beverly Meyers

    George only likes to swim for about 2 hours now but yes I agree with your times. We usually get there about 4 and leave about 6.

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