What’s Going On Wednesday

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.

My teenager looked at me funny when I uttered those words this morning.  It’s not like me to make such a statement. Yet, I am already tired of this week and quite done with it as well.

J stayed home from school on Monday.  No real reason other than he needed some “time” after our road trip weekend.  Honestly, I had planned to let both boys stay home on Friday so we could make better time on our trip and I decided there really wasn’t much difference between that and letting him have the time on Monday.  G refused to stay home on Friday (didn’t want to miss anything and declined the offer again on Monday).

Ironically, G woke up not feeling super well on Tuesday.  Instead of taking him to early morning band practice, I sent him back to bed.   J did go to school.

I should take a second here to say how happy I was to have a second set of P.E. clothes when I opened J’s backpack for something and found the clothes from the previous week.   Oh, were these supposed to be washed over the weekend?  Yeah.  SIGH.  Crisis averted since I could just grab the second clean set.

One of J’s elective teachers called yesterday afternoon.  He was apparently quite upset at the end of her class yesterday and hadn’t turned in some work.  I’m not sure there is a diplomatic way to tell a teacher your child absolutely hates her class and asks to quit every single day.  I did my best.

On a happier note, I did find 2 little bitty monarch butterfly caterpillars on our milkweed yesterday afternoon.



And We’ve Made it to Wednesday (Today):

G woke up still feeling yucky but went to school.  J woke up determined not to attend school today and ever again until he no longer had a certain class on his schedule.  Thank God for band because telling him he’d get too far behind in there (a class he loves) was about the only leverage I had with my tenacious child this morning.

After an early morning hair appointment, I returned home and as promised, made my call to the school counselor.  And of course, voice mail.  I’m hoping to set a meeting with her, J, and the elective teacher (or not) to discuss if changing classes might be an option.

J thinks since kids are allowed to quit band, then there should be no problem with him quitting this elective class.

So here I sit, waiting for the phone to ring…


Can you see the two caterpillars?

Can you see the two caterpillars?

And caterpillars to turn into butterflies…

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2 thoughts on “What’s Going On Wednesday

  1. Deanna

    Awww, love tiny caterpillars! We left a milkweed grow in our yard too. I have been wanting to go out there and check. Now that you have your photo posted I especially want to.
    It will have to wait – there’s another issue out there, something involving traps. Hubby “caught” one over night, and he’ll deal with it when he gets home (per my request to make sure it’s not alive when the dealing with commences).
    I hope you get J’s class situation cleared up. UGH! I have been there. My oldest hated band in 8th grade. We did clear her of that, and then she took choir.

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh no, that doesn’t sound good! I hope you get to check your milkweed soon. They were able to get him switched to a new elective and the process was a lot less painful than I expected. I’m really glad they involved him in things (Once I made the call, the counselor took over from there with talking to him about his choices and making sure he was sure about it.), things worked out really nicely for us. Glad your daughter was able to switch when she hated her elective class as well.

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