Flashback Time: Follow Through Friday

I need a Follow Through Friday today.  Anyone else?  It seems so much gets put on hold as we try to adjust to the new school year around here.


Sunday is going to be a busy day for me as I will have a lot going on with a baby shower brunch and a book club meeting to attend.  Why does everything always fall on the same day?  The boys are excited as the activities are just for me so they get to stay home.  Don’t tell them but I’m pretty excited about that fact as well.

Even though it’s Friday and I should be feeling a bit relieved, I’m also feeling a bit overwhelmed about all the things I postponed this week.  Doesn’t postponed sound better than shrugged my shoulders and procrastinated?  As usual, my list could easily contain one-hundred items but I’m narrowing it down to three.

My three items for Follow Through Friday:

  1. Pay the car payment.  Oops, this is an important one!  The bill came one day after I’d paid all the other bills.  All week, I’ve been thinking “Oh, I need to do that before next Monday.”  I don’t know why I can’t seem to accomplish this tiny five-minute activity.
  2. Go clothes shopping for my boys as well as get a baby shower gift.  I’ve been stuck in stay at home mode all week but now I must go today or deal with the even larger weekend crowds tomorrow.
  3. Come up with (NEW) plan for getting rid of ants in the pantry.  We’ve been battling these ants for two solid weeks now.  Nothing is working.  It is very frustrating.  We had a day without them but they returned.  I do think these may be a new kind, cousins to the sugar ants as they are skipping the sugar and going for the crackers…I even think somewhere in my blog archived we’ve previously battled this kind of ant so perhaps the answers are hidden on here.

Now it’s your turn:

What have you been putting off this week?  Do you have a few items that need follow through?  I’d love some company as I go about crossing these task off my lists.  Tell me in the comments what you plan to accomplish today?

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