The Result of My Follow Through Friday: A Saturday Success Story

Yesterday, I decided I needed a Follow Through Friday to try to motivate myself to catch up on a few tasks.  So in keeping with the Follow Through Friday theme, today is my Saturday Success Story (or not).  SaturdaySuccesspic1 So was I successful yesterday? 

I am going to say yes!

  • I took the 5 minutes (probably less) it required and paid our car payment on-line.  So no more worries I’ll forget about it.  It’s done.
  • I left the house and went shopping!  I went to 3 stores, one of them twice.  J.C.Penny provided shirts for my boys plus part of a baby shower gift for my niece.
  • I delegated the researching of the ants to J.  He figured out we do indeed have something called thief ants yet again.  If I could only remember how we got rid of them last time.  It looks like I need to buy some cinnamon from what I’ve read so far. At least they’re contained to the pantry.

One thing I’ve noticed is if I give myself 3 tasks to actually finish, I often go ahead and take care of other tasks not on the list.  Yesterday, I also managed to get the rest of the school supplies off of G’s list and an anniversary card for my husband.  Of course, cleaning the house would have been taking things a bit too far.

What about you?  Do you also find you accomplish more with a shorter list?  Did you finish any tasks yesterday?

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