Tiny Tip on a Thursday: Cinnamon Might Be The Answer

Cinnamon might be the answer to your ant problem.  It seems to be our answer.

It’s cheap and easy as well.  When the ants first invaded our pantry, I went out to the hardware store and bought the Terro liquid ant baits.  Stuck them in the pantry and we waited.  And waited.

Why weren’t the ants leaving?   It seemed more like an ant party than any form of good riddance of the insects.  And the party was getting out of hand.  I couldn’t understand it.

(Here’s a not so tiny tip: Always read the directions!) J insisted we were attracting more ants because it was ant BAIT but I kept saying no, that’s not what it means.  Then, I read the directions.  Oh, you weren’t supposed to leave the “bait” out once you only started to see a few ants.  We’d been attracting new ones.  Whoops.

We removed the ant bait and all seemed to be okay.  Put a few items back in the pantry.  Peeked into the pantry a day later only to realize the sugar ants had invited their cousins and forgot to tell them the party ended.  I decided to try peppermint oil instead of more Terro (read a certain lazy person didn’t want to return to the hardware store).

The whole house smelled like a giant candy cane!  These sugar ant cousins thought it made their party atmosphere festive and continued to raid our crackers and the single serving packets of Ranch dressing (it will be a long time before I desire Ranch dressing on anything!).

Food continued to go into the trash and the table remained unusable.  tinytip

While grocery shopping, I remembered the preschool used cinnamon in the sandbox to repel ants.   I’ve even used cinnamon myself.

Cinnamon repels ants!

I picked up two bottles of it (the cheap stuff, Saigon cinnamon is not necessary for ant control).

On Monday, I sprinkled it liberally along the base of the pantry shelves.  I decided to give it a full 2 days just to be sure.  I did see 1 or 2 random ants on Monday and noticed when I sprinkled the cinnamon near them, they would leave.

J sprinkled the cinnamon even more liberally while I was out on Tuesday.   Liberally enough, my husband vacuumed the excess.  He also checked for a nest in the exterior wall last night and found nothing.  I think cinnamon may be our answer!

What ways have you found to repel ants?


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3 thoughts on “Tiny Tip on a Thursday: Cinnamon Might Be The Answer

  1. carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    What a great tip – I will have to remember that one. We were having some ant issues each summer – especially in our kitchen and my daughter’s room. We finally had to get an exterminator. It turns out carpenter ants LOVE wood chips – like what we had in all our landscaped areas around the house. We had new landscaping done last year – got rid of all the wood chips and have pretty stone now instead – and not one ant issue this summer! Yay!

    Hope the cinnamon fully did the trick and your headache will end soon! I feel your pain. Blessings Hon.
    carrie@northwoods scrapbook recently posted..Happy Homemaker MondayMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      So far, no ants. I did also take some time to rearrange the pantry while putting everything back and now have no food items in the corners where they seemed to be starting. I’ll have to remember that about the wood chips if we ever get around to actually landscaping around our house.

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