Happy Homemaker Monday, Hoping For A Better Week

Last week was a bit rough.  Actually, this whole school year has been a bit rough so far.  Add in, a computer coma, a couple of rough days at work, sickness, and a not so fun weekend.  Thank goodness for a new week!

Hopefully, it will be a better week.  I certainly missed having a plan last week.  Step one to having a better week, have a plan!  Thankfully, Sandra at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom almost always inspires me to have one.

The Weather

I thought we were supposed to have nice weather all week.  Feels wonderful and fall-like this morning but I did see another site where we have fair chances of rain on and off all week.  It does look like the temperatures won’t ever get too hot though.

On My Bedside Table

Too much stuff!  Clothes I need to put away, books in need of a home (I’ve read them all but I’m not ready to let them go yet) and usually my phone.

On My TV

I may or may not be watching Supergirl on Netflix.  Some episodes are a little rough but overall I do like the show and am excited to see what the CW does with it this fall.  A certain 6th grader may be watching it with me (although he’d never admit it!).  My husband and I are also catching up on season 3 of The Black List, a show that has yet to disappoint me.

Thinking and Pondering

About how much having kids is basically just waiting.  Waiting for them to be born, waiting for them to go to bed until they become teenagers, then you’re waiting for them to get out of bed, waiting for appointments, waiting for practices and activities to end, waiting for school to end, to start, so much waiting.  I know all the moments happen in the waiting but honestly, sometimes I get so tired of all the waiting.  Just me?

Listening To

mostly the silence of the morning.  I can hear a bird calling outside the open window and occasional car sounds but inside the house is quiet.

Favorite YouTube Video

I’ve got nothing.


I really need to start being more intentional about checking out the ideas over at Menu Plan Monday hosted by Laura from I’m An Organizing Junkie.  I feel as though we are in such a menu rut around here.  Of course, new meals aren’t exactly met with excitement either yet I keep trying and again, waiting for a winning dinner.

MONDAY;  Ham, green beans, and new potatoes in the crock pot.  I’m going to mostly use this Pinterest recipe and of course, cook ham steaks on the side for the picky kids.

TUESDAY:  I work until 6 so it will probably be another crock pot kind of night.  I’m thinking I’ll make white chicken chili minus the beans and we’ll just have it in tortillas.  J will probably have mini tacos as he doesn’t like this meal.

WEDNESDAY:  I work again on this day but not as late so I’ll probably go with something easy and quick.   Either BLT’s or French Toast, I’ll just let the boys decide.

THURSDAY:  G has evening band practice so he’ll have to eat earlier than the rest of us.  Fish sticks and baked potatoes for the rest of us and I’ll fix G something easy (He usually eats French Bread pizzas on practice night).

FRIDAY:  Subway, pregame tradition for G.  The rest of us will either eat that or grab something at the game.

To Do List

  1. Squeeze in a Target Trip for household items
  2. Clean out fridge and freezer.  This was on the list last week but didn’t happen.
  3. Make sure to put the bags of stuff out for the charity truck on Wednesday morning/find more stuff to give them.
  4. Call a friend and plan a get-together
  5. Check on my Bunco RSVP numbers, it’s my turn to host next Tuesday!  I should probably start planning that menu as well.
  6. Buy some new tennis shoes! I ruined my old tennis shoes mowing a soggy lawn and have been living in my Crocs but I really do need some other footwear especially if we have all the rainy days predicted.
  7. Laundry (and put my clothes on the bedside table away!)

Looking Forward To

Is Monday too soon in the week to say I’m looking forward to the weekend?  I feel like I need a do-over weekend but instead I’ll just move my thoughts ahead to the next one.

What I Plan on Doing For Myself This Week

getting some new tennis shoes!

Lesson Learned from the Past Few Days

Patience, I suppose.  I’m still waiting for it.

From the Camera

Not sure what kind of winter one that looks like this predicts…


Thoughts for the Week

My best friend shared this verse with me long ago, it’s become one of my favorites.  james


What are you looking forward to this week?

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10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, Hoping For A Better Week

  1. Schotzy

    I so understand so many of your comments… I am definitely in a menu rut and it has shown in my health numbers so I have got to fish it up around here.. and I detest fish…. Hubs loves it so it’s time to woman up… WAH!!!! I actually am quite intimidated by your great menu plans for a working mom…. IM retired and jsust dont want to cook anymore…but I will also say this… We only had one daughter and she was adopted when we were 35… Yes we waited so much waiting for her… for her activities.. etc… but now that she has been married for 10 years and we’ve lived in a semitomb for 14 years… I will say I’ll take waiting over the empty nest anyday… just sayin! Hope this will be a much better week for ya! God bless!

    1. Jean Post author

      I don’t mind some fish, just happen to detest both salmon and tuna but most other kinds I am willing to eat. My great menu plans never seem to stay on track so nothing to intimidated about there. I was actually rather excited to have us finally following a plan almost to the letter but last night my husband had other ideas for dinner (not complaining since he cooked) and today I woke up with a horrible sore throat/no voice so I think we’ll be taking advantage of take-out night for one of the schools, so that makes 2 out 4 meals followed so far this week. Hope your week is going great!

  2. Beverly Meyers

    Good to see you writing. I have decided I need a PLAN also. I now have a lot of time but it seems to fill up so fast and if I am not careful it also seems like nothing gets done. How is that even possible?

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! I have no idea why but it always seems the busier I find myself, the more I get accomplished. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t brag about today’s accomplishment of watching the end of Supergirl and half a season of Walking Dead on Netflix in a single morning/afternoon 😉

  3. Agnes Shapiro

    Waiting? Just a note to say you never stop waiting. I am an empty nester and tonight I am waiting for the parents of my grandchildren, whom I am watching, to come and pick them up…….so you see, it never ever ends…..and as for cooking – after 40+ years of cooking for hubby, five children, grandpa and the dog…I quit. Tonights dinner was turkey on a bagel with mayo – we will survive if I dont make a full course meal…of course the grandkids wanted Burger King…..and that’s ok too – that’s why they like it at grandma and grandpas….lol
    Agnes Shapiro recently posted..Thinking about doing it???My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I suppose some day I’ll be much better at all this waiting. Your dinner sounded good. We have turkey on bagels for lunch sometimes at the preschool where I work (though they do cream cheese in lieu of mayo). Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  4. carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Hi Jean!

    I”m so with you in relating to kiddo woes. It is a continual waiting (and chauffeuring game!). Lol I don’t remember my folks ever do so much of that with us as kids. I think our schedules are crazier busier with our own kiddos in this current generation.

    I hear you about trying to get more meal inspired too. I have such intentions each week….but then the business takes over and I just go for the easy quick usual go-to’s that work. HOepfully this cooler weather with inspire me more.

    That fuzzy caterpillar has me worried! 😛 Blessings on your week my Friend.
    carrie@northwoods scrapbook recently posted..Happy Homemaker MondayMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I don’t remember doing quite as much as a kid either, different times I suppose. Oh no, does it look like a hard winter fuzzy caterpillar to you? This summer person wants a repeat of last winter as I found it to be just about perfect around here (minimal snow and cold, lol). Hope your week is going great!

  5. Row.

    wow you had a busy week. I feel the same about menu planning. I usually think of that saying …failure to plan is planning to fail but then I really feel bad. we need to give ourselves some slack. and hey French toast for dinner YUM! I need to incorporate more of that! happy Fall!
    Row. recently posted..My Top 5 YouTube Favorites!My Profile


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