Out of Stamps? A Quick And Easy Place To Buy Them

Do you still use stamps?  I do sometimes.  I pay most of our bills on-line but I have been trying to send the family actual paper birthday cards this year.

My word of the year is celebrate after all.  I’m trying but one stumbling block I’ve hit with mailing out the cards is needing stamps. I have always liked to have a few stamps around.  It usually takes me quite a while to run out of stamps.  However, I’ve been trying to be better about sending out those paper birthday cards (mainly to family…baby steps) instead of relying on a Facebook birthday greeting.    tinytip

Since I generally don’t go through a lot of stamps, I stick to the Forever designs although for some reason I do have a desk drawer full of 1 cent stamps.  I’m honestly not even sure how many of those I’d have to slap on an envelope to equal the current price of 1 letter stamp.

Last week I needed to mail my sister her birthday card and realized I’d run out of stamps.

On-line is always an option but I don’t like to wait for my stamps to arrive in the mail.  Simply going to the post office is an option but then, I need to deal with the parking and possibly waiting in line just for stamps. Our local post office does serve as a Pokemon Go stop so I guess that would be a positive (please, don’t judge).

The quick and easy place to buy stamps?   The ATM!


It’s always great when you can take care of 2 errands at the same time!

I don’t know if every ATM offers this service but the one at our local bank does and it is so convenient!  Get my cash, and oh yeah, I’m out of stamps.  Put my ATM card back into the machine and get a sheet of stamps without leaving my car.  Put them on my letters and I’m all set to drop them in a mailbox.

Do you still send regular “snail mail” letters?  Where do you pick up your supplies?

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6 thoughts on “Out of Stamps? A Quick And Easy Place To Buy Them

  1. Beverly Meyers

    One of post offices has a machine in the lobby that prints off stamps and I can use my credit card.

    However, the quickest place for me is QuickTrip. . They sell stamps. Just ask for them at the counter.

    1. Jean Post author

      Our post office probably has that as well, I should probably check. Oh, QuickTrip would be great place. I’ll have to remember that!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I guess not all ATM’s offer it but I’m getting lots of other ideas for places to also buy stamps in these comments.

  2. Rachel

    I don’t think any of our local ATM’s have that service. I still use stamps at least 1 time a month when I mail our rent check out. I ran out last month and was trying to figure out how I would get to the other side of town to the post office to get stamps. I happened to be grocery shopping at Kroger and just as I headed to check out, I heard over the loud speaker a reminder that they sold stamps at the checkout line. Perfect solution for me! Was able to get a book of stamps so I should be good until Christmas card time. 🙂
    Rachel recently posted..How’s my to-do list coming along?My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh that would be handy as well since I’m basically in the grocery store all of the time it seems 🙂

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