Don’t Sift It, Whisk It!

This is my tiny tip for the fast approaching holiday baking season: Don’t Sift It, Whisk It!

I’m talking about the dry ingredients when baking cookies or cakes, of course.  I do own a sifter and have for years.  I only use it for two things though.

The Two Uses of My Sifter:

  1. We mainly use it to store powdered sugar and sift it on to our French Toast.  We’ll J and I do that.  G skips the sugar and only has peanut butter with his.  If the sifter is clean (as in not already filled with the powdered sugar), my husband will often just open the bag of sugar and try to spoon it on his French Toast (so wrong!).
  2. The second use for my sifter is to use it as intended and sift the dry ingredients in the chocolate cake I make for all family birthdays.  It’s worth noting this recipe is an exception to my tiny tip and to get the desired results, I strongly advise you to sift the dry ingredients properly.

For all other recipes, I’ve found the tip I heard years ago from Martha Stewart, I think, applies quite well.   Don’t sift it, whisk it!


I love to use a smaller whisk for this!

When I make chocolate chip cookies (or any other variety), I don’t sift all my dry ingredients together in a bowl.  I put them all in a bowl and grab my whisk!

I find it much easier and quicker than the traditional method of sifting all the dry ingredients together.  tinytip

An added bonus is of course, a whisk is so much easier to clean than a flour sifter.  I’m all about anything that makes clean up easier especially when I’m doing lots of baking.

Do you do a lot of holiday baking?  What tips and tricks do you use?


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3 thoughts on “Don’t Sift It, Whisk It!

    1. Jean Post author

      I am honestly not sure why I have a sifter although I don’t think I have a fine mesh strainer so I guess it all evens out. I’ve still never attempted an angel food cake from scratch! I don’t think you can say you are lazy if you baking up one of those 🙂


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