Nature Nurtures

Sometimes when a child at the preschool has a meltdown, we take them outside.  Why?  We do this because nature nurtures.  The outside is calming.

It works not only on upset preschoolers but an upset tween as well (I tested that theory on my own child more than once).  It also works great on adults (I’ve tested the theory on myself many times).

It’s probably why, I saw a friend share this, the weather channel was offering up “election escape” nature last night.  Nature nurtures and calms us down.

One thing I have been doing with J this fall is collecting acorns.  They rain down on our deck during the early fall months and while I briefly entertained making acorn flour and cookies with them, this idea was more my speed.

Our fall ornament in progress

Our fall ornament in progress

I had picked up these clear ornaments at the Dollar Tree thinking ahead to Christmas (I know!) and with the idea we would make miniature terrariums in them.  However, the top opening was much too small for that idea and so we decided to fill one with acorns instead.  J had the idea to only choose acorns with the top still attached which made it a bit more challenging and fun.

It gave us an excuse to spend more time outdoors.  I am always in favor of spending more time outdoors!

I don’t live near the mountains but I do love this John Muir quote (by the way, in doing research, I discovered the Pinterest version is slightly wrong…this is what’s listed on both the Sierra Club and National Parks Websites):

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine into the trees.

It works without climbing mountains though. Spending time outside is so refreshing and really can change my entire mood even if I only step out on my deck or front porch for a few brief seconds.

My challenge for you today if you are feeling down about the election results or anything else is to go outside!  Step away from the television screen, the Facebook and Twitter feeds, and just relax.  Take a few deep breaths and acknowledge nature and let it nurture you.

If you can hang out with some awesome 3 to 5-year-old children, that helps also.  I feel doubly blessed today to get to both be outside and see some of the most amazing kids around (aside form my own).

Now I’m simply going to steal a page from CBS Sunday Morning and end my post by sharing my more of my own “moment of nature” backyard photos with you.  I hope you’ll enjoy them!



I may have wandered into the neighbor’s backyard for this one of their amazing rose-bush!


Don't forget to enjoy these beautiful fall days!


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2 thoughts on “Nature Nurtures

  1. Elizabeth

    I would have to agree. While it seems I never really have much time for it though. Where we live there is alway someone blasting a stereo or police/ambulance/fire truck sirens going off and at those rare times where they aren’t I look around and see how much work I need to do.
    I’m hoping at some point within the next century to have a moment to go out and breath.

    1. Jean Post author

      I hope you find the time as well. It really does seem to help. Sometimes the work can wait a minute or two while you remember to breathe 🙂

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