Christmas Items From Grandpa’s Attic

While we were in Oklahoma, my husband helped his grandparents clean out some of their attic.  Like most attics, part of the contents included their Christmas decorations.

He brought home a couple of the Christmas decorations. I was especially enamored with this one of Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting on a sofa.   dscn7064 dscn7066 I love that it is a 2 piece decoration and they actually sit on the sofa!  Oh if my boys were younger, I could see how this would be lots of fun (and probably broken).  I can just picture the 5-year-old version of my now teenage son seating his Spiderman and Batman action figures on the little sofa..

The second decoration he brought home was also a ceramic Santa.  This piece is Santa riding a tractor.  I’m not quite as excited by this piece but it is still special. dscn7069 (Excuse the blurry photo)

When I turned these pieces over, I discovered something very special indeed.  Inscribed on the bottom of both pieces were initials and a year.

The initials belonged to my late mother-in-law.  My husband had managed to unknowingly (or perhaps subconsciously he did know?) bring home two ceramic Christmas pieces created by his mom many years ago.

She took a ceramics class and was always making things for the people she loved.  I’m sure these won’t be the last of the Christmas decorations with ties to my late mother-in-law that will appear in this series.

Wondering when I’ll start telling tales of ornaments actually hanging on our tree?  Me, too!  The tree is up but alas not yet decorated.  The resistance is strong this year.  I’m hoping to put my foot down on Thursday and say “It’s December, time to decorate the tree!”

We did discover 2 ornaments (I shared one on Instagram) hanging out in the tree branches that we apparently missed putting away last year.  I’ll share those stories in the next two days.

Is your tree up yet?  When do you typically decorate for the holiday season?


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