A Cookie Baking Tip And An Unrelated Ornament Story

I’m going to share my tiny cookie baking tip with you before I get to today’s tree branch tale.  This is 2 posts for the price of one (and the price is free!).

The first part of the post is my Tiny Tip on A Thursday.  tinytip Are you baking cookies for the holidays?  I’m baking cookies today for the holidays and because I am 2 lunch desserts short for tomorrow.  Sometimes the lunch items don’t make it through the entire week.  I’m also hoping to use my cookies as a bit of an incentive later.

Since I have a bit of time this morning, I’m making the family’s favorite: chocolate chip cookies and using this tip a close friend shared with me many years ago.  If you are an experienced baker, you may already know this tip.

cookie baking tip

Chocolate chip cookie

Today’s tiny cookie baking tip:

Bake your cookies for the lowest time given and then let them finish baking (and cooling) on the cookie sheet while the next batch bakes.  Don’t remove your cookies to the cooling rack until the next batch of cookies is completely cooked.  Let them stay on the cookie sheet the entire 9 minutes while the next batch bakes.  Then, remove them to the wire cooling rack.

I’ve found this tip to be especially useful if I’m using an Air bake cookie sheet.  Sometimes, I’ll even leave the cookies on those to cool through 2 batches of cookies.


Today’s quick tree branch tale:

Rocking Horse Ornament

Rocking Horse Ornament

When I set the tree up on Sunday, I found this forgotten ornament hanging out in the branches.  I’ve had this little golden rocking horse since my freshman year of college.  An old college friend gifted it to me.  We never stayed in touch once I transferred to another college. However, I do think of her when I see this ornament and hope she is doing well.

Are you baking cookies for the holiday season or doing any decorating this week?  I’m really hoping my bribe of homemade chocolate chip cookies helps motivate my husband and boys to help me decorate for the holidays tonight.


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5 thoughts on “A Cookie Baking Tip And An Unrelated Ornament Story

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, we all love cookies! Of course, I admit I’m much better at eating cookies than actually baking them 🙂

  1. Doreen@foxdenrd

    When in saw your post title on Carrie’s blog I had to stop by as my current post is about cookies, cookies, and more cookies lol.

    That’s a good tip, but I’m wondering why you leave the cookies on the sheet? Some recipes call for leaving them on for a minute, other recipes recommend removing them immediately, but rarely several minutes or more. What is the benefit?

    1. Jean Post author

      I was under the impression they simply finished baking on the cookie sheet. Mine are rarely baked all the way with the minimum baking time. I think (perhaps more true to chocolate chip cookies, the favorite around here) it allows more for that crispy edge/chewy center my family prefers. I think it would work for most cookies but I’m sure there are probably varieties that it might not work as well and could possibly cause them to stick. I don’t know that I’d try it with any type that called for a greased cookie sheet. Thanks for visiting my blog! I will definitely be hopping over to read your cookie post (just reading about the cookies is calorie free at least, right? :))

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