For The Birds

This tree branch tale is all about the birds!

Do you have a bird on your Christmas tree?  We always had at least 2 birds in the branches of our Christmas tree when I was a child.  One was usually a dove.  I can recall a red bird.  And later, I think there was a bluebird on there as well.  Probably others I have simply forgotten.

I thought birds on the Christmas trees probably had some meaning.  The white dove, of course, is a traditional symbol for peace.  I did a quick Internet search and discovered this page that lists a few Christmas ornament legends.

It talks about glass bird ornaments in the first paragraph (The ones I recall have never been glass but rather ones which simply clip on the tree branches).

Here is a picture of the bird on our tree: 


My little Christmas tree bird

The little bird above always makes me smile.  I think of my sister, I think of the old Christmas trees from my childhood, I think of the real birds and my dad feeding them.

I do find myself feeling happiness and joy whether I am looking at the bird ornament on our tree or enjoying the very real birds outside the window.  Yesterday a little grouping of Cedar waxwings moving through our area brought me much happiness on a day I was feeling a bit down.

Do you have any bird ornaments on your Christmas tree?

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2 thoughts on “For The Birds

    1. Jean Post author

      I think owls would absolutely count! Your comment reminds me that my youngest son has a Harry Potter Hedwig ornament to go on our tree that I didn’t see. I’m thinking I might have missed a box of ornaments this year, oops! Hope you’re having a great Thursday.


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