Happy Homemaker Monday, Way Out On A Wednesday

Oops, this week really got away from me fast!  I still love having a plan for my week though so even though it’s Wednesday, I’m pretending it’s Monday.  If it were Monday, I’d be joining in the fun with Sandra by linking up to her Happy Homemaker Monday post.

Let’s pretend (not repeat!) it’s Monday while I do a little mid-week planning.

As I Look Outside My Window

The blinds are still down this morning but on the morning school run,  I did notice the full moon taking its time to set behind the clouds this morning.   Sadly, no picture as it’s not safe to try to get a perfect shot while going 40 miles an hour!

Right Now I Am

Eating breakfast (pumpkin spice waffles…is it too late in the season for those?) and working on this post while waiting for a few stores to open so I can go run my errands.

Thinking And Pondering

Yesterday was bit chaotic at work (I worked full days at preschool Monday and Tuesday) and I was chatting with another teacher at the end of the day about how we probably needed to give the super-excited preschool kids a bit of extra grace at this time of year.  Why is it so easy to give that grace so generously to everyone but our own families and of course, ourselves?  I decided I needed to be a bit better about it.

On My Bedside Table

Hoping to clean it off today!

On My TV

Is there such a thing as comfort TV?  I started watching season 2 of Fuller House.  So far, I’m not disappointed!  Of course, I love the theme song probably as much as the show.  Here, want to have a listen:

By the way, I’m on my own with this show although J will watch bits with it and laugh with me but he usually won’t stay for entire episodes.

Listening To

See video above.  Also, Christmas tunes on the car radio and classical on Pandora.  Plus, I have a great band concert to attend tonight over at the high school.  Looking forward to that one!


Without much of a written formal plan, this week’s menu is off a bit but I still have one!

MONDAY:  We had pork chops, fingerlings potatoes, and salad

TUESDAY:  G had pep band and I worked.  I had planned on BLT’s or some type of breakfast for dinner but my husband was nice and fed the boys fast food before I made it home from work.  I’m not sure what he ate and I ended up just eating chips and guacamole.

WEDNESDAY:  Tonight is the high school band concert so it will need to be something fast.  Depending on how my errands go, I’ll either put chicken legs in the crock pot or we’ll have the BLT’s/some type of breakfast for dinner tonight.

THURSDAY: The loser of the two choices from Wednesday will be what’s for dinner on Thursday.

FRIDAY:  Either out or I may make homemade Chik-Fil-A sandwiches…Or maybe Fish fillets (from a box, nothing fancy).

It could be my menu is a bit unorganized this week but at least we have options!

To Do List

  1. Go Pick up G’s pants for his concert
  2. Go to Target and get Cat Food and maybe do some Christmas shopping
  3. Write a couple of thank you notes
  4. Figure out a family activity for this weekend
  5. Clean off bedside table
  6. Gather items for charity truck coming tomorrow morning
  7. Pack up Legacy Box items before I lose all the boxes
  8. Clean the house a bit
  9. Pay bills so they aren’t lost in the shuffle of the holidays


Still trying to work on my Tree Branch Tales series.

Simple Pleasure

Coffee, just the plain Folgers my husband makes every morning with a dash of almond milk in it.  I love when I simply have the time at home to sit and enjoy it.

Lesson Learned The Past Week

One I should have already known.  Sometimes the reason is all to do with the other person and nothing to do with you.  Also, be patient and things will happen with their own timing.

Looking Around The House

Do I have to look around my house?  I really don’t want to do that.  There’s your answer about how it looks.  Christmas decorations are hidden somewhere in and around the mess though.

From The Camera

I got nothing.  I didn’t do real well with the photo taking last weekend.  We just didn’t really leave the house much.  J had a sleepover birthday party to attend on my birthday and I let G go to a friend’s house on Saturday so it wasn’t a great weekend for outings or photos.  I did say that THIS weekend the four of us were going to go and do something all together (See item 4 on my to-do list).

Quote for The Week

My mom’s favorite sayings have been on my mind a lot lately…

mother's quote


So that’s my mid-week plan for this busy time of year.  What’s going on with your week?  Did you make a plan?  Or are you a bit of an unorganized mess like I am at this time of year?

By the way, for those of you who haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet are waiting for the perfect time to Christmas shop, I saw on the news where Friday is free shipping day!


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