My 2017 Word of The Year Finalists

I stubbornly continue to pick a word of the year.  Do you do that?  It’s not that I don’t set goals and think about making resolutions.

It’s just that this is so much simpler to me.  Seems more doable.  I don’t always accomplish the mission behind my word of the year but I still prefer the idea behind it.

Sometimes my word of the year just settles on me.  Sometimes it leaps out at me from some locale like the aisle of my local Dollar Tree store.  Maybe if I’d have purchased that silly glass, I’d have had better luck with last year’s word.  Some years I simply can’t make up my mind and think I’m going to just pick a new word each month (note: that didn’t really work so well).

Each year I ponder what my choice for the coming year should be and come up with a few candidates.   I always think of announcing my finalists in terms of an awards show.  They are just waiting to hear if they’ve been nominated.

So without further ado…and in no particular order….announcing…

The finalists for my 2017 Word of The Year:

word of the year

As I sit here getting over sickness once again at year-end, I entertain making 2017 a year to focus on getting healthy.  Healthy food, healthy habits, you know the drill.  I know the drill.  Of course, I could still work on being healthy should I choose a different word.

word of the year

This year was a little more turbulent than I cared for it to be.  I think the last few months may have been that way for many of us.  The turmoil started prior to the election and went beyond it over here.  After a year of hurting hearts (and some are still hurting), I am craving peace.

This word.  This is a fun, new to me word!  A random Pinterest pin that caught my eye and led me on a journey of discovery.  What is Hygge?  Obviously, it’s not an English word as spellcheck is glaring red at me right now.  Here’s a link to a quick definition but do yourself a favor and search it up on Pinterest and the pins that come up will give you a good feel for the word.  It’s a concept from Denmark and it just seems like an idea that would soothe my very soul.

While I’m not much of one for tooting my own horn (dislike to do that very much), this is I admit one of my talents.  One I used to use quite a bit but let fall by the wayside (Another talent? Apparently a massive over use of clichés!) with the exception of our annual Easter brunch.  I’d like to get back in the habit of having friends and family over here.  Stop making excuses for not doing it and just start inviting friends and family over for any and all occasions, small or large.

My final word of the year nominee is the one that seems to be calling to my heart lately.  I think we all (I know I do!) need to be a little more generous with this stuff to ourselves and others alike.  By the way, I recently discovered and loved a blog titled I Choose Brave and this post really spoke to me yesterday.  Worth a minute of your time to read it.  On a completely silly note: I also recently discovered the Philosophy scent of Amazing Grace and you know what would be more fun than a word of the year with its very own scent.  It does smell amazing, very clean and fresh, like it could be my go-to fragrance.

So those are my five finalists and I’m having a hard time deciding on the winner as they all speak to me on many levels.  Could you please help me out?  Which word of the year would you declare as the winner?

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4 thoughts on “My 2017 Word of The Year Finalists

  1. Rachel

    This is the first year that I will be choosing a word. I will also be making a list of goals, but they all are related to my word. (I will be sharing on my blog later this afternoon.)

    As for your word, I think that if I were you I would choose “hygge.” I will admit I had never heard of it and I did a pinterest and a google search on it and it seems like it could encompass all the other words that you were thinking of using. It looks like a wonderful concept and a better way to live. It is intriquing in a wonderful sense.

    Good luck making your final choice. And have a wonderful New Years!
    Rachel recently posted..Books that I read for fun in DecemberMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! It is a fun word isn’t it? I do think you are right that it could easily encompass all the other words. Hope you are having a great New Year’s Eve.

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