Five Things That Happened The First Week of 2017 (Five On Friday)

I thought I’d keep things simple today and just share five things that happened this week for my Five On Friday. I really did have good intentions about starting off the year posting more but you know what they say about those paving a road to a super warm location.

Speaking of warm locations, I’m not in one of those today.  It was 1 degree this morning.  Pretty cold for these parts!  Anyway, straight to the list:

Five Things That Happened In The First Week of 2017

ONE:  I broke my favorite coffee cup on the very first day of the new year.

I just dropped it, right onto the hardwood kitchen floor.  It broke into too many pieces.  I may or may not have cried a tiny bit. My husband, a bit puzzled, kept suggesting places I could go to simply get a new cup.  However, this was a secret sister gift from my mom’s club days many years ago.  And, it’s not that simple to replace a favorite coffee cup.  Here’s an old photo of my coffee cup that is no more.

Five Things

Two:  I worked a full day on the third day of the year and the last day of my boys’ Christmas break.

I had planned to be home with them the entire home and had even listed myself as unavailable until the 5th.  However, one of the teachers had a true medical emergency (she’s fine, thank goodness) so I went ahead and made the exception to work that day.  Honestly, I was ready to go back to work anyway.  I love my boys but I was the one getting a bit bored.

Three:  My Boys (Reluctantly) Returned To School

They were not ready to get back to school.  My 6th grader especially was quite forlorn on Tuesday evening.  By the way, I think I may have won mom of the year last year and not realized it as the paper informing me was probably crammed in my 6th grader’s notebook along with many other important papers and unsigned permission slips he never felt the need to share with me.  SIGH.

However, both boys had good first days and I was happy to be home to hear about them.  J is quite excited about his new music appreciation elective. G was laughing about the size of some of his classes and the announcement that all classes were “full.”  He is one of seven students in his first hour and one of five students in his last hour.

Four:  We Had Our First Snow Of The New Year And The First Snow Day Of The School Year

The snow started late Wednesday evening and I really figured the roads would be cleared.  However, the 5a.m. call came announcing the schools were closed for the day.   The boys slept in and I made pumpkin spice and chocolate chip muffins for their breakfast.  Unfortunately, I still had to go to work at noon as my preschool opted for the late-start instead.

Five Things

First snow of 2017

Five:  I Attempted A Craft

I went Wednesday night as the snow was just starting to fall and picked up a wreath frame as I really wanted to make the scarf wreath.  I decided to make it last night and knew I was in trouble when my husband eyeballed the wreath frame and said, “What is that for?  That’s really huge.”  Ut-oh.  Apparently, there is quite a difference between a 12 and 18 inch wire wreath frame.

Perhaps I’m the only one who has things shrink and grow Alice style between the store and my home?  I attempted the wreath anyway and like the mess up enough that I’ll trek back to the store this weekend to get the correct size frame and give it another try.  I do love the scarf I used and would actually wear it if the material didn’t make my throat itch.


Five Things

Scarf Wreath, Attempt 1


For my first Friday of the New Year, I’m finishing up this post while waiting for our traditional (sort of…box mixed and canned frosting) Three Kings Cake to cool.   I’m also still mulling over my word of the year and wondering if it should simply be decide instead of any of my finalists.

I have to work later today so will likely go jump in the shower and start getting ready for that very soon.

How has your first week of the year been?

Be sure to check out the Five on Friday link up hosted by Amy from Love Made My Home.

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12 thoughts on “Five Things That Happened The First Week of 2017 (Five On Friday)

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks. I hung the wreath on the door after attempt 3. I’ll share a pic in my Happy Homemaker Monday post. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

  1. Mrs Tiggywinkle

    Hi Jean, I’ve just hopped over from Love Made My Home. This post made me smile! Not the bit about the broken coffee cup, obviously, that’s terrible and very frustrating that your husband Just Doesn’t Get It. Mine didn’t either when he broke mine. And the next one. I hope you can find a suitable replacement. Happy New Year. x

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, I’d have been more upset if I hadn’t been the one to break my own coffee cup. I think my husband doesn’t get it because his favorite coffee cups are plastic travel mugs (pretty much impossible to break). Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Cindy

    Sorry to hear about your coffee cup. I do enjoy different mugs and sometimes buy them on vacations, or they are special gifts, so I understand. The wreath looks very cute. I had never heard of a scarf wreath. My first week of the year was rather laid back, compared to the last month. I crocheted a hat and my Shug has a cold/flu thing going on so we’ve been relaxing quite a bit. I hope I don’t get it. Take care,
    Cindy Bee

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I saw the idea of a scarf wreath on Pinterest. I don’t have a lot of talent in the crafts department (really wish I knew how to crochet, my mom tried to teach me when I was much younger but I never quite caught on. It was difficult to learn as a left-handed person from my right-handed mother as well). Hope you stay well and have a wonderful week!

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