Wednesday Morning Walk In The Park

I went for a Wednesday morning walk in the park.  I wanted to practice with the camera a bit.  Getting away from the computer was also a goal.  Finally, I wanted to try to embrace winter a bit.

Want to come on my walk?  It will be ’90s style since I accidentally left my cell phone at home.  I hope you won’t mind when I stop to take a photo of whatever catches my eye.

Wednesday Morning Walk At Waterfall Park

Although it wasn’t exactly sunrise, I did enjoy trying out the scene setting on my camera.  I loved the reflection of the sun into the lake.

This little fellow was swimming around near me down by the fishing dock.  It is close to the play area and I think families sometimes (though they aren’t supposed to do it) feed the birds down there.

Lots of Canada Snow Geese hang out in these waters as well, not as many by the fishing dock but lots of “evidence” of their presence left behind.  Also, a special note to the random person who left behind their dog’s poo on the sidewalk.  Shame on you!  Please, be more respectful next time.

These red berries caught my eye.

As did these flowers?  Here’s the waterfall that gives the park its name.   It’s man-made and shut off for the winter so it doesn’t freeze, I guess.  I must have looked a bit touristy with my camera.  A fellow walker (lots of people use this park to walk, jog, etc) told me the park was much prettier when the leaves were green and the waterfall was on.

I like this sign! I saw a few of them as I toured the path around the lake.

Why did the geese cross the road?  To play video games and go bowling, of course! 

A few more ducks hanging out in the water.  The reflections in the water continued to fascinate me.  I tried to get closer to the little dot of a white bird (perhaps the uncooperative gull I saw later) who I watched fishing for a few minutes before taking this photo. I took a lot more photos but this lamp-post is the last one I’m going to share today. Despite the lack of snowy surroundings, this lamp-post made me think of Narnia.   What do you think of when you see it?

A few final thoughts about my morning walk:

First, I’m still cold from it!  Thirty seven degrees is warm for January but still pretty chilly to be casually walking around and taking photos for an hour.  Second, I really enjoyed it and “rediscovered” how much I enjoy simply being outside.  I found a lot of peace in it.

And finally, I have decided I need to make an effort to do it a lot more often and stop waiting for my family to come along with me.  I can manage on my own (and without a cell phone though I’ll probably take one next time since it isn’t 1995 anymore).  I think I will shoot for visiting a new park or trail twice a week.

Do you like to go on walks?  How often a week do you get outside?


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5 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Walk In The Park

  1. Karen B.

    The sky in the lamppost picture was beautiful! I don’t walk as much as I did but I enjoy walking early in the morning when it’s still! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! We have been getting some amazing skies lately (usually I’m driving on the highway when I see them). I also love the quiet of the early morning.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I’m determined to get outside a bit more. Yesterday was super windy (so cold) but today is supposed to be great and I’m looking forward to getting out later this afternoon.

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