Happy Homemaker Monday, Hello February!

February is always an interesting month.  Sometimes despite being so short, it tends to feel like the longest of the winter months to me.  It’s also a busy one for us though.

A few of the events in February for us are: my husband’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, days off school plus conferences, and other family birthdays.  Add in work and school event schedules and it can get a bit busy.

Planning my weeks by linking up to Sandra over at Diary of A Stay At Home Mom will help.

The Weather

The sky looks like winter but the air is whispering the idea of spring to us.  There’s a slight chance of rain today but the high is supposed to be almost 60 degrees today and tomorrow. Then, it drops down into the mid 30s for Wednesday & Thursday before jumping up to 60 degrees again on Friday, and Saturday shows almost 70!

On My Bedside Table

It’s a mess (nothing new there) with a book, my camera charging, a cardboard box, and some clothes that need to be put away.  Cleaning it is on my list for this week.

On My Reading Pile

I went to the library last week (twice!).  I even turned in my other books on time, feel like I need a gold star for that one!   Just checked the camera, fully, charged, so I decided to simply show you a picture of my reading pile:  The title of the book on top is Man in the High Castle, I had to request it from a different library branch.

On My TV

Like quite a few others, we watched the Superbowl last night (well, most of it, G and I made a quick run to Target right after half-time.  Great show!).

Oh and I watched Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens on Saturday.  I am not even embarrassed to admit that I absolutely love the Sharknado movies, I get such a kick out of their goofy antics.  I somehow missed the third one and may watch that one soon.

This week I’ll probably just watch my usual shows, Supergirl, The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow.


I’m still on a mission to clear out our fridge, freezer, and pantry. Last night’s Superbowl snacks came from those places (chili, little smokies in biscuit dough, chips, and chocolate chip cookies).  This week’s focus is on the freezer.

Breakfasts this week will be banana bread and toaster waffles.

MONDAY:  French Toast and Sausage (from freezer)

TUESDAY:  I’ll decide on this after cleaning out the freezer, I know there’s a package of chicken thighs in there that are relatively recent plus the eternal surplus of fish sticks.  It’s also Chik-Fil-A night for the middle school so I do have a back up plan.

WEDNESDAY:  This is my husband’s birthday so I’m leaving it open for his choice although I’m thinking maybe chicken and noodles (not from the freezer!) and of course, chocolate cake.

THURSDAY:  BBQ sandwiches and French Fries (all from freezer except the buns) *I work 9-5*

FRIDAY:  Chinese out for my husband’s birthday *I work 9-5*

On My To-Do List

My mind wants to put millions of things on my to-do list.  The rest of me is struggling to stay awake.  For some reason, J was up a few times last night and then, so was I.  He’s fine this morning so not sure what it was about but I’m tired this morning.

  1. Continue to clean out pantry (just needs organized at this point), freezers, and fridge
  2. Clean off bedside table, really whole area beside bed
  3. Get husband a birthday card and gift (should probably be number one on the list)
  4. Go to grocery store
  5. Give house a good cleaning especially the floors


I’ve decided to work on my photography by picking a different place to walk and take photos two times a week.  So, I guess I’m trying to create pretty pictures? 

I’m also trying to create a more clutter free and organized home.   The weather gave me the spring cleaning bug!

Looking Forward To

My next outside adventure with the camera, also the couple of days off school the boys will get this month.

Looking Around The House

See number 5 on my to-do list!

From The Camera

I went for a long walk at Little Blue Valley Park yesterday.  Interesting fact about this park is it used to be home to a popular drag racing venue.  Currently, it’s mostly undeveloped except for the numerous paved trails (I walked 2+ miles out there!) although they are building softball fields on part of it. 

Something Fun To Share

It’s National Chopsticks Day?

What I’m Wearing Today

Navy blue high school band t-shirt & tan corduroy pants plus tennis shoes.  Basically, the clothes I threw on to do the school run this morning.

Simple Pleasure

Playing the Candy Crush Saga game on the computer.  I use my 5 lives and then, I’m done.  There’s just something satisfying about trying to figure out the game that seems to be part strategy and part luck.

Quote for the Week

I loved this post about being gracious from Rachel at Home Sanctuary this morning and so I’m going to borrow her bible verse for my week.

Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how to respond to each person.  (Colossians 4:6)


What do you have planned for the week ahead?


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10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, Hello February!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks. I had no idea either about National Chopsticks day although I doubt we’ll be celebrating, hard to eat French Toast with Chopsticks. Hope you have a great week as well!

  1. carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Happy Monday Jean!
    I thought Lady Gaga put on a great show too! Your weather is crazy! I can’t even imagine 50 degree days right now, let alone 60’s. How lovely!

    Happy bday to your Hubby! I love that you’re a Gal after my own heart – determined to clean out the freezer! I go in those modes too.

    I love that you want to get out more and do photos! A double win – practice your photography and get to get some exercise and enjoy nature. Perfect! 😉 Blessings on your week .xoxo
    carrie@northwoods scrapbook recently posted..Happy Homemaker MondayMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      And in my late replying this week, today is COLD (29 degrees & windy is cold for me) plus I’ve seen snow flurries while out and about. I am in a big clean and clear it all out mood which doesn’t fit well with being busy (somehow I’ve ended up with a schedule where I worked every day except Monday this week). Hope your Wednesday is going well!

  2. Ann

    That’s a great idea to do the new walks twice a week and bring your camera with you. Once the weather gets a bit warmer (in the 30s), I’ll be back out again walking. Great goal to declutter and use what you have on hand (in terms of food)! I’m doing the same here too. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Of course, I had the idea on warm spring-like day. I couldn’t quite find the motivation yesterday when it was cold and super windy. I’m super excited to see space in our freezer and pantry again. The trick will be not to stuff them so full again. Hope you are having a great week as well!

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  4. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    I’m finishing The Martian right now – loved the movie, love the book. And I have a Philip K. Dick on deck – can’t see your title, though. Is it The Man in the High Castle? Seems that’s a popular one right now. And WHAT is The Narnian? I have not heard of this book. Looks like I should check it out, though.
    Sharknado movies are fabulously awful. Are you a Discovery Channel Shark Week fan? We are big fans here – daughter and I love it and watch all the shark stuff all week long! I love that it’s in the summer so she can stay up late and enjoy.
    I am always on a mission to de-clutter and clean…always. It was warm here this weekend (unseasonably so) and we’re all just getting over the flu so I have great desire to clean and purge and de-germ. But. Still recovering and am truly not up to it physically just yet. But I’m so ready…come on spring!

    1. Jean Post author

      The Martian is one of my new favorite movies. Yes, it was Man in the High Castle (there’s a really thought provoking series on Amazon based loosely on the book). It was okay. I’ve also read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by him and thought it was much better. The Narnian is a biography of C.S. Lewis but I haven’t started reading it yet. We don’t have cable but I’d probably love the Shark Week if we did. Hope you start to feel 100% again very soon!

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