Five On Friday: Glimpses of My Week

Happy Friday!  I missed Five on Friday last week but wanted to try to get a quick post in before work today.

ONE:  My Week Started With a Walk in The Park

I shared a few photos of this park on my Happy Homemaker Monday photo but wanted to share a few more.

Am I the only one intrigued by abandoned crumbling houses?


I was surprised to see some ice on this water (a tiny runoff from somewhere) despite our very mild winter

Just one more to give an idea of the expansiveness of this park, you can see the crane from my picture on Monday way off in the distance

TWO:  I Cleaned Out Our Freezer, A Much Overdue Project!

I’m almost embarrassed to show these pictures but maybe they will give someone else hope.  It’s another project I’d been putting off thinking it would take such a long time that took perhaps 15 minutes.

Yikes!  This is actually an “in progress” picture, I forgot to take a proper “before”

I’m happy to report we now have actual space on the top shelf as we’ve eaten from the freezer quite a bit this week

THREE: A Midweek birthday for my husband

We celebrated my husband’s birthday on Wednesday with a very low-key celebration with just the four of us.  It worked out well as G had been home from school sick the past two days. I made tacos and the traditional chocolate birthday cake.

Who says birthday candles need to match?

FOUR:  Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

The life of a substitute teacher: I’m only scheduled to work a few hours on Thursday and Friday this week becomes I have been there every day but Monday.

I worked a half-day on Tuesday, a few hours in the morning on Wednesday, and close to a full day yesterday and will repeat that today.  As much as I love my job, it is still possible to still be tired and “working for the weekend.”   Remember that song (Probably dating myself very much now)?

I did get to enjoy a pretty sky on my break yesterday and will get to live it up in the great weather were supposed to have later this afternoon. 

Five: Reading And A Weird Cat

I’ve been trying to focus on reading in my spare time this week.  However, I’m constantly facing the furry obstacle pictured below.

Doesn’t matter magazine or book, she wants to nap on the pages!

This is a cat’s life!

I did manage to finish one book, Man in the High Castle (if you have watched the TV series and think it’s weird, the book takes it up a notch and is quite different as well).  I think I’ve found a solution that allows me to read and keep her furry highness happy:

She gets her own book now!


What has been happening in your life this week?

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15 thoughts on “Five On Friday: Glimpses of My Week

  1. ellen b

    I’m intrigued about run down buildings, too. There are so many spaces I need to clean out and organize. Your freezer looks great! I remember kind of the life of a substitute teacher. My motto became no one died so the day went well. That Cat!! You have my brain working…we watched some of Man in the High Castle and will have to check to see if there are any more episodes on Netflix. Have a good weekend.

    1. Jean Post author

      We watched it on Amazon Prime, seems like there were 3 seasons I remember correctly. I’m trying to decide if I want to attempt a “system” in our freezer or simply make a better effort of just keeping it not so stuffed full. Hope you are having a good weekend as well!

  2. fiona

    Don’t worry…my freezer’s worse than that! I always forget about defrosting it as it’s not in the kitchen.
    Cat’s don’t like it it they’re not the centre of attention, do they !?

    1. Jean Post author

      We have a deep freeze in our basement that I’m really afraid to look inside and clear out. Yes, cats want to be the center of attention unless of course, you want them to be the center of attention. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. Maggie

    I love old buildings, we have plenty of them here in Normandy and it’s always God to see one being restored, I think the one in your photo might just be beyond help!
    Your cat photos cracked me up, how c would you concentrate on reading with such a silly kitty!
    Bon weekend.

    1. Jean Post author

      I like to see the old buildings restored as well. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to happen quite as much around here. She does make it hard to focus on reading when she’s demanding attention all the time. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well!

  4. Linda aka Crafty Gardener

    We are trying to eat meals from the freezer in hopes if using up some stuff so that it will be easier to clean out. It’s amazing what you find tucked away at the back of the shelves. I call those abandoned houses, houses with potential and love seeing them and wondering what they looked like before they became abandoned. I’m visiting from Five on Friday

    1. Jean Post author

      I actually found it easier for us to eat from the freezer after I cleaned it out and rearranged a bit. Of course, I also had to force myself to be a bit brutal and throw away some things I knew we’d never eat again (I seem to have got a bit carried away with all the various flavors of toaster waffles at some point…). We have one meal of leftovers from the freezer left before the top shelf will be officially emptied.

    1. Jean Post author

      I wonder if perhaps my literary cat can read? Ha! I’m hoping to teach part-time (or full-time) at some point in the future at the preschool where I now substitute. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  5. Fil Campbell

    I love old buildings – they have so much character and I’m always wondering about who lived there. Your cat is just adorable – they really do want to be the centre of attention don’t they lol . We watched a few episodes of the Man in the high Castle but it was so dark we didn’t continue to the second series – might go back to it.

    1. Jean Post author

      Man in the High Castle is pretty dark, I think you do need to be in a certain frame of mind to sit through it. Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

  6. carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Thanks for the peek into your week Jean! The kitchen is next on my list to tackle and organize now that I did my office/craft room. You’re helping inspire me – so thanks for that! 🙂

    I just love your kitty and want to snuggle in her up! Blessings on the rest of your weekend and don’t be working too hard this week. xoxo
    carrie@northwoods scrapbook recently posted..Homemade Valentines, a Recipe, & something to Make you SmileMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Maybe we can keep each other inspired! I plan to keep a few days for myself at the start of this week. Hope your weekend has gone well!


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