Nerf Gun Storage

I’ve been meaning to share my simple Nerf Gun Storage solution with you for a while now.

In a house full of boys, our Nerf guns outnumber the people (and pets).  Most if not all of them are kept in J’s closet.  I’d been searching for a long time for a simple solution for storing them.

I know I’m not the only one as one of my most popular Pinterest pins is this one of a Nerf Gun  Rack.  Unfortunately, it’s something to make not buy and my handy husband has higher priorities around here than that project.

The last time I attempted to bring some order to J’s closet (I’ve given up on actually cleaning it out), I stumbled on a somewhat simple solution to storing the Nerf guns.  It used another item from the closet.

Honestly, by stumbled on a simple solution I mean I cursed, puzzled, searched Pinterest, and almost gave up.  I could have even purchased the item for this solution on-line but chose to use what I already had in the house.

Our Nerf Gun Storage:


We now store our Nerf guns and the darts in old backpacks.  It’s not a perfect solution but they’ve mostly stayed put and off the floor and random places around the house.  Basically, I gave them a proper home.

Nerf Gun Storage

Easy to reach and still off the floor and out-of-the-way

We always have extra backpacks around this house although if you don’t, they actually make Nerf backpacks. I’ve found though that the individual slots for Nerf darts aren’t ideal for impatient little (and big) boys.

I put the extra darts in all the extra pockets.  Here’s a close up of the Mario backpack:

Nerf gun storage

The guns fit easily inside.

Nerf gun storage

This backpack has a side pouch perfect for a smaller Nerf gun.

When I first “organized” the Nerf guns, I had zipped up the backpacks.  My photos above show how they look currently.  Even unzipped the storage idea is working for us.

Do you have an abundance of Nerf guns at your house?  How do you store them?



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