Happy Homemaker Monday, The Night Edition

Since I’m still determined to not miss a Happy Homemaker Monday in 2017, I present the night edition. I’ll still be linking up with Sandra from Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom once I finish this post. It’s a fun link up, be sure to check it out!

I worked from 10a.m. to 2p.m. today, didn’t manage my time well before work, and lost the computer to the teenager during the afternoon (and early evening) hours. It’s interesting how much my day changed from the early a.m. when I usually compile these posts to this evening.

The Weather

We went from being under a slight risk of severe weather to a tornado watch until 10p.m. tonight.  The news has reported a few touchdowns and satellite determined warnings just west of here but so far we just have wind.  And still no rain.  SIGH.  We could really use the rain.  It’s also warm, hit 70 degrees today.  Rest of the week is also supposed to be warm with no rain chances until the weekend last time I checked.

On My Reading Pile

I couldn’t get into my last library book so all I really read last week were some of my March magazines.

Movies or Television Shows I Watched This Weekend

My husband and I watched my Netflix disc movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I also watched The X-Files.  Do you think I can watch all the seasons by April 1st when Netflix is removing the series?  May be tough since there are 9 seasons.

On My TV

Probably just The Voice and The Flash. And of course, more X-Files episodes.


Struggled with this one a bit.  Monday is usually grocery store day.  I didn’t go today since I worked and I don’t want to go tonight with the chance of severe weather.  Looks like I’ll be making a menu based on what we have around here.

MONDAY:  We had spaghetti, J had his with meatballs but the rest of us had some rotisserie chicken with our spaghetti.  (We had the chicken on Sunday and now I’m using the rest to make chicken and noodles)  *I worked 10-2*

TUESDAY:  Pork chops, baked potatoes (carry over from last week)  *I work 8-2*


THURSDAY:  hot dogs, hamburgers *I work 8-4:15*

FRIDAY:  Fish fillets (from a box) or OUT  *I work 8-4:15*

Not a super exciting menu but it’s done and there are options for each day of this week.  Last week on a whim, I made this chicken enchilada recipe (My husband and J had mini tacos but G and I really liked it!).  Also, I left the sour cream out of it because we didn’t have any and they still turned out fine.

To Do List

Well, my to-do list is certainly different and shorter than it was early this morning.  At the start of today, this was the only day I had scheduled to work.  As you can see from the menu days, I now only have Wednesday free this week.  Hopefully, that day will stay free!

  1. Clean out fridge
  2. Go to grocery store
  3. Get stuff together for charity truck coming on Wednesday
  4. Make a list of days I’m unavailable to work (i.e., Spring break for my kids)
  5. Check on our summer schedule
  6. Get with husband about taking short trip over boys’ spring break
  7. Get birthday gift and card for great nephew’s party this weekend


Nothing.  Nothing at all.

Happening This Week

  • I work a little bit every day except Wednesday
  • J has coding club
  • G is staying after school for a class a couple of days this week
  • My great nephew’s birthday and party this weekend (he’ll be 10)
  • J wants to have a friend over Friday night (hopefully, it will work out)

Looking Around The House

I did a bit of cleaning last week (shocking, I know!) so it’s not too bad.  Need to do laundry and probably repeat all that cleaning.  Clutter clearing needs to happen.

From The Camera

I’ve not been very good about picking up the camera lately so this should be interesting.  Time to see if anything is on the card…just a couple of blurry cloud photos from last week.

It was already dark out and this lonely little cloud was bright in the sky:  Here’s my psychedelic shot of the same cloud:  I clearly need to get back to practicing with the camera a bit!

What I’m Wearing Today

My navy preschool tee-shirt (it has gold lettering), light tan corduroy pants, and tennis shoes.  Also, had on a blue head band but took it off earlier.

Simple Pleasure

Spending time with the preschool kids and just getting to be a part of whatever interests them for the moment.  I love getting to share in that excitement.

Quote For The Week

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.  (Maya Angelou)


And here come the sirens, kids say we have to go the basement now.  (I think we’re safe here and so do the weather people but J is concerned so I’m signing off for now).  How’s your weather?

**update: We’re fine, storms moved quickly east of here just like the weather people said.  And we are getting some much needed rain, finally.

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10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, The Night Edition

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! We actually got some snow(!) over the weekend but still probably need more rain. My teenager said he’d eat the chicken enchilada recipe again so I think that means it was definitely a success.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I’m curious to see where they take the show. Did you see where they are going to have a musical episode in a couple of weeks? I’m really curious about that one!

    1. Jean Post author

      I won’t tell. Yes, I have been busy with my work and then sick, so not much getting done on the days I was home. Looking forward to my boys’ spring break at the end of next week. We have the countdown going! Hope you get a break soon as well.


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