Happy Homemaker Monday, Another Rainy Monday

Today is our last official day of spring break and we woke up to more rain! When I say we, I actually mean my husband and myself.  The boys are still sleeping.  So much for a “let’s get up at the normal time and readjust to the school schedule” idea.

I think I’ll just go ahead and move right into my Happy Homemaker Monday post.  Be sure to check out our host Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom for lots of great stuff!

The Weather

Rain, rain, and more rain to start our week.  I think it is supposed to clear away by Thursday or Friday.  At least it’s not super cold, it’s in the upper 50s most the week and the rain is the steady down pour kind we do need for this time of year.

On My Reading Pile

I finished reading The Seventh Plague by James Rollins last week.  Definitely plan on looking for my of his books. Currently, I’m working my way through Forty Ways To Look At JFK by Gretchen Rubin as well as a stack of “how to” books on digital photography.

Movies Or Television Shows I Watched This Weekend

Last night I stayed up way too late watching the rest of a movie my husband had pulled up on Netflix before promptly falling asleep.  It was called DeJa Vu  On Friday, I had the wild idea to just watch the beginning and end of each season of The X-Files before Netflix removed the series.  I almost made it before I had to skip ahead to the very last episode.

Finally, I watched a bit of The Final Four basketball games.  I used to always watch these games with my dad so I knew without a doubt which teams he would have been cheering on to win.  It’s definitely going to be, “Go, Zags!” around here tonight (Well, I’ll be saying it.  Sadly, the rest of my family is not interested in watching.)

On My TV

I really don’t know.  The Flash is on hiatus until sometime in April so there’s not really anything pressing I want to see plus I’m back to a busy work schedule this week (could have worked today but opted to say no).


We ate so poorly over this spring break!  I really have to do better with this and get us back to a better balance of real food versus crap that comes from a box or eating out.

I’m going to link up my menu with Laura from I’m An Organizing Junkie and her Menu Plan Mondays.  There are always great ideas to be found over there!

MONDAY: Grilled chicken legs,

TUESDAY: Ham Steaks, Cinnamon, Butter, & Brown Sugar Carrots

WEDNESDAY:  Chili (carryover from last week…probably the last time I’ll put it on the menu for a while)

THURSDAY:  Chicken enchiladas (for G & myself not sure what my husband & J will eat yet…maybe mini tacos and yellow rice)


To Do List

  1. Go to the grocery store
  2. Still need to go to The Dollar Tree
  3. Pay rest of the bills I found under a magazine on the table
  4. Clearly, clean up the house a bit better
  5. Still need to sign J up for summer school, I keep putting this off.
  6. Plan my menu for Easter Brunch


Trying to teach myself to create better photos.  Wish my eyes didn’t glaze over every time I tried to read the “how-to” books.  Might have to try taking notes on them or something.

Happening This Week

  • Kansas City Royals home opener is today which is why all my headings are blue! Hopefully, they don’t get rained out and no, we aren’t going although I wish we were.
  • I work Tuesday through Thursday (so far).  Also, I need to confirm whether they want me to plan on full days again or to stick with the half-days.
  • The boys go back to school.  Tomorrow is going to be painful for all of us, I think.
  • J may or may not have coding club after school on Wednesday.  He doesn’t know.
  • Mom’s Night Out for me.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone!

Looking Around The House

The bathrooms and floors need most the attention.  Oh, and as usual, I need to clean off the kitchen table.

From The Camera

We managed to get the kids out of the house for just a bit on Saturday.  We went to the Prairie Fire Museum over in Kansas.  I wish my husband would have consulted me a bit before just buying the tickets as we paid for parts clearly suited for much younger children.

The building was beautiful though.  I had to wait for a wedding party to finish their photos with the building as a backdrop before I could get out there and snap a few pictures.  I imagine this would look twice as stunning on a sunny day.  From another angle:

What I’m Wearing Today

Pajamas!  I still need to hop in the shower and get ready for the day.  Wanted to get this post finished first though.

Simple Pleasure

Discovering new places and new things.  Something I don’t do nearly enough.

Quote For The Week

There was a small wetlands area behind the museum.  I would have loved to have checked it out more except my family was getting rather impatient.  However, I stumbled on this sign and loved the quote on it:  ************

What’s on your agenda for the week?


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12 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, Another Rainy Monday

    1. Jean Post author

      It was fun although I think younger kids would enjoy it more. I hope they get up on time tomorrow as well since they slept until almost noon today! Yikes. Hope you have a great week as well!

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    We must’ve been reading one another at the same time – your comment popped in over at my place while I was reading here. 😀
    I love that your posts sound a whole lot like what my life is like. Truly. I feel less alone and scattered knowing someone else out there lives like I do! Your photos are so cool – really interesting building!
    I just (finally) finished Cold Mountain and now I’m hoping to get through a bunch of stuff that’s backed up. I think The Giver is next – it’s for a class assignment and I’ve actually never read it so that was a good pick.
    Hope the rain and your frustration clears up! Hang in there – we’re all in this together!
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted..TToT – Bright Sides and Fresh StartsMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Well, great minds and all that 😉 Thank you. I am trying to read the books and learn what settings to use when but honestly it’s hard to not have my eyes glaze over. I want to just take my pictures and have them come out. Turns out there’s more to it than that. After you read The Giver, make sure to seek out the other books…it’s part of a quartet and honestly, I don’t think it’s the best one of the bunch (just my opinion). The movie is probably worth watching after you read that book as well if you’ve never seen it. Thanks, hopefully, sunny skies and improved moods will be in abundance very soon!

  2. Leo Tat

    We live in the Midlands in the UK, and over here it rains almost every day for 2-3 months. My car got moldy because of the damp. Never happened before as we lived down south near London.

    Deja vu rings a bell, it looks familiar like I watched it but forgotten the storyline. Have you watched ‘Stranger Things’? Its supposed to be amazing. I am watching Walking Dead, and Grimm at present.
    Leo Tat recently posted..Acrylamide in Coffee: Cancer and Heart Disease Risk?My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Wow, that’s a lot of rain! I did watch Stranger Things, it was really good although a tiny bit scary (to me). I am waiting for Netflix to add the next season of Walking Dead. Grimm looks interesting but too scary for me as well. I can do science fiction scary but super natural type scary really scares me to the point I can’t watch.

  3. Amy @ The Quiet Homemaker

    Love this post and all of the wonderful updates and ideas. I am in the middle of WAY too many books right now to even say what I am reading. (Not sure what I was thinking!) We are headed out to the zoo tomorrow so hopefully I will get some good pics. I am in LOVE with the TV show Beauty and the Beast on Netflix. Thankfully my hubby is kind enough to let me watch it (he does not like it at all!).

    Have a great week!

    Hopped over from Menu Plan Monday at orgjunkie.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I’d like to get to the zoo around here sometime again. I’ve heard good things about that show, I think I may need to check it out. My husband and I rarely watch the same shows as we have such different taste. Hope you have a great week as well!

  4. carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Sending you sunny thoughts Sweetie! 😉

    Maybe a fun community ed photographer class would be a better way to learn how to use your camera better and take better photos? Get a friend to sign up with you!

    That museum looks so cool! Sounds like that was a fun day. Blessings on your week!
    carrie@northwoods scrapbook recently posted..Wednesday WonderMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      They worked! Sunshine yesterday and today and on order for tomorrow as well. It’s so nice to see it! I’ve been looking for that but coming up short so far. Now if I wanted to prepare for retirement, learn to use a computer, or a few other equally boring (to me) things…plenty of options there LOL. The museum was okay. I can’t believe it’s Friday, busy week. Hope you had a wonderful one and have lots of fun planned for your weekend!


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