Easter Brunch Menu Lists, Planning My Easter Brunch Menu

So just a quick post today to share my Easter Brunch menu lists.  Ever have one of those weeks where you have so much to do that you put it off.

I never have those kind of weeks.  Ha!  Add in the unexpected this week: a quick morning of work, a school assembly, and a sick high school student (not that sick but I still picked him up yesterday and let him stay home today).

Today, before I go run all the errands I should have done in small batches, I’ll share how I plan my menu.  Easter brunch is one of the few times I know I must make lists.  Normally, I despise making lists (not that I shouldn’t do it though…just want to think I can remember!).

My Easter Brunch Menu Lists:

The longest list is definitely the preliminary menu plan.

Easter Brunch

The main brunch table

I start by asking my family what they want on the brunch table and then start the list.  If you are curious, here are the items my family requested:

G: pigs in a blanket.  UM, we usually don’t have those at Easter brunch but it seemed like a nice change so I okayed it.  Then, I found out he meant sausage pinwheels so we’ll have both.

J: chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate chip muffins.  An easy answer from him.

My husband: brisket, rolls, and of course, “candy” bacon (aka caramelized bacon twists).

Then, I think about what was a success last year, what leftovers we had, and of course, what things I like!

One thing I added last year that I plan to “make” again was to fill some pastry shells with lemon curd.

The next step I follow when making my menu plan list is to look through my pantry and cupboard to see what we already have on hand that might turn into an Easter brunch table item.  As someone who tends to be a bit over ambitious about what I plan to bake at other holidays, I tend to have a fun selection of things available.

Menu ideas coming from the things I have on hand:

Cherry pie filling:  cherry pie bars (my husband really likes the Pillsbury cherry turnovers so I’m trying to make something similar to those but in an easy form!)

Can of pumpkin:  pumpkin muffins (I have a nephew who likes these)

Cinnamon Bread:  I try not to have breakfast for dinner the week before Easter brunch so I’m thinking of trying to make a French Toast Casserole with this item.

Sugar cookie mix:  Sugar cookies for table decoration (and to eat) or maybe some sort of sugar cookie truffle

Jar of Marshmallow Fluff:  Easy one…fruit dip mixing it with a block of cream cheese

Other items I mulling over finding a recipe to use: a German chocolate cake mix (usually make chocolate pumpkin muffins with it), sweetened condensed milk, mini ice cream cones, peanut butter, pistachios, and sunflower seeds.

The last step in making my Easter Brunch menu list is to think about the family I know will be here.  I try to remember what they’ve commented on and liked in the past.  I always like to try include things I know certain family members like to see.  Plus, I consider how many kids will be here.

Things I put on the list for various family members:

Cappuccino muffins, white chocolate chip triple berry muffins, lots of bacon (of course!), pumpkin muffins, some sort of veggie Quiche, and a hash brown bake.

Finally, I make a preliminary menu list.  The list is often also overly ambitious but it gets me started on making brunch.  I’ll start cooking tonight (sometimes I have it together enough to have done more of this ahead of time but not this year) and cook all day tomorrow and Saturday.  I always try to do the majority of the muffins on Saturday so they are as fresh as possible.

The menu list:

If you are curious about any of these recipes, I try to keep most of them on my Ideas For Easter Brunch Pinterest Board.

I went ahead and included links to the ones I know I have on my Pinterest board.

Oh and since this is usually Tiny Tip Thursday, here’s a tiny tip for you:  If you buy candy to decorate your Easter table, hide it from your teenager unless you want to make a second trip!  SIGH.

Are you hosting Easter this year?  What’s on your menu?




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5 thoughts on “Easter Brunch Menu Lists, Planning My Easter Brunch Menu

  1. Raxhel

    Sounds super yummy! We go to my parents’ house for an egg hunt for the kids and dinner. Not sure what my mom is making this year. I need to text her tonight to see if she wants me to bring anything. We go simple on Sunday morning…cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Cinnamon rolls and fruit sounds like a perfect Easter Sunday morning to me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great Easter.

  2. Christine

    I always love your Easter Brunch posts 🙂

    I have a similar tiny tip, but mine involves hiding candy from myself 🙁

    Good luck with the brunch this year and hope your big kid is feeling better.
    Christine recently posted..The FraudMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! I do good as long as the candy is unopened but now that they’ve opened some of it, I’m struggling not to eat it all as well. He is feeling much better today

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