Setting Mini Goals For The Week

Thought I’d try something a little different this week by setting 5 mini goals for myself.  I can’t call them weekly goals or I’ll rebel against the whole idea.    mini goals Plus, I need some things to keep me busy while I attempt this sugar detox thing.  Thank goodness it seems to be a reasonable one where I don’t have to immediately stop eating all sugar.   Overall, I did okay with it yesterday.  Fruit is okay.  I just wish the leftover Easter candy would quit screaming at me from the cabinet.Here are my five mini goals for the week:

  1. Keep the kitchen table cleared off and have dinner at it each night.  We’ve strayed away from eating dinner at the table, probably because it’s been covered with so much stuff.

  2. Blog every day this week.  I need to break out of my Monday and Friday (sometimes) only rut.

  3. Complete all the items on yesterday’s to-do list.  It’s embarrassing how often I don’t do all the things on the list.  There’s usually not a good reason either.  I just don’t do them even after putting them on the list.

  4. Make the bed every day.  I usually do this especially if I’m doing laundry.  Putting clean laundry on an unmade bed (my husband will do this) is a pet peeve of mine.  I just plan to be intentional about making sure I make the bed this week.

  5. Finish my library books and take them back to the library!  I’m giving myself until Sunday on this one.

Have you set any goals this week?  How do you keep yourself motivated.

Also, have you ever competed a sugar detox challenge?  Any tips or advice for me?

And finally, anyone else out there with a rebellious personality where it takes all your self-control to not rebel against completing goals even when you are the one who set them in the first place?


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5 thoughts on “Setting Mini Goals For The Week

  1. Karen B.

    I make a list with everything that comes to mind. Some items need to be taken care of that day or can wait till the next. If it absolutely needs to be done that day it will get an asterisk. It’s very satisfying to cross things out as you go.

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m generally not a list maker unless I have a big project (like hosting Easter brunch) but I probably should be. I did enjoy crossing things off all my Easter brunch lists 🙂

  2. Pamela Smith

    Um…yes. I procrastinate all the time. Lately, I just haven’t felt very motivated. I love your idea of mini goals. It does feel good to accomplish even little things! I am going to check out the sugar detox too. I know I need too, but again, I am not very motivated to do anything. 🙂 Have a great week!

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m hoping the mini goals will help me feel a bit more motivated as well. After tonight’s dinner (we had steak bites & potatoes), I feel like I need a butter detox along with the sugar one but it was good. Here’s to hoping we both find a bit more motivation this week!

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