Frosting Cinnamon Rolls

Hey, how about writing a post about frosting cinnamon rolls while on a sugar detox.  That’ll be fun.

frosting cinnamon rolls

Let me just apologize now for all the references to the sugar detox but it’s on my brain this week.  I have the headache to prove it!   I can’t even imagine if I’d have gone cold turkey and cut it out completely.

Just these tiny steps have been a bit hard.  Tomorrow, we’re supposed to not eat any packaged foods containing sugar so I’m thankful to be working a few hours.  Hopefully, I won’t be too cranky.

In the mean time, I’m coping by pinning way too many desserts I’ll probably never make over on my Pinterest boards.  I also thought it would be a fun week to share my tiny tip for frosting cinnamon rolls.  As you can see from the photo up there, we’re all about the Pillsbury brand around here.

I’ve just never had great luck making them from scratch.  G and I do love the Sister Schubert cinnamon rolls in the metal pan but unfortunately, we’re the only two.  I’ll try not to focus on the fact that some of those are in my freezer (forgot to make them on Easter) while I give you my tiny tip for frosting the Pillsbury rolls.

How To Frost Cinnamon Rolls:

This tip is for those of you who can’t stand dry cinnamon rolls.  You know that kind you buy at the store that are beautifully frosted on top and a sad, dry disappointment underneath.  The Pillsbury ones can get that way as well.  Frosting them my way helps avoid that disappointment.

One time my husband burned a batch of cinnamon rolls and we had double frosting.  THAT really made them good.  However, that’s not the tip.

The easy steps for adding the frosting:

  1. While they are still hot, put a tiny dab of frosting in the middle of each roll (like the photo above) so it will sink down into the middle layers.
  2. Let sit for a second or two
  3. Go back and frost the cinnamon rolls with the remaining icing

One thing to note is don’t put too big a dab of frosting in the middle of each roll or you will run out of frosting before you get to all the rolls.

What kind of cinnamon rolls do you like?


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