What The Last Week of School Looks Like With Older Kids

It’s the last week of school around here.  Three more days! Or two more days depending on how you count.  How do you count the days?  Does today count since it’s in progress or do we cross it off?

My friend Christine over at So Domestically Challenged posted a great read this morning on preparing for the end of the school year with lots of great ideas.  It’s a little too late for me as again three more days! Also, my boys are in middle school and high school and things look a little different at this stage.

So does that mean that year-end is less hectic with older kids?  Ha! Nope.

What’s going on during our last week of school:

This entire week my high school student is taking EOC exams.  EOC= End of Course.  Think finals.  Plus we’ve had a meeting about an upcoming band trip, an early morning band practice, and (finally) today managed to return his rented tux to the band room.

This equals stress for my son.  A stressed out teenager is not exactly a joy to be around.  Oh, and he couldn’t find his clarinet this morning (apparently, he forgot to take it out of the car yesterday). Here smell the lavender…  last week of school Aw, that’s better.  Let’s talk the last week of school with a 6th grader (that’s middle school here although it is now only 6th graders in their own building the first year).  Basically, they just do fun (for the kids) stuff.

Yesterday was an outing and picnic at a local nature center.  There are assemblies sprinkled through the week. J is a typical 6th grader in that is all the information he gave me regarding the assemblies.  He’s requested a sack lunch all week as there is “just too much chaos” to have to worry about a lunch bag every day.

Today, he took only a pencil and his sack lunch to school.  I try to not be too concerned about his lack of taking any supplies with him.

Tonight is an open house at his new 7th and 8th grade middles school.  Believe me I know about this not from any information provided by 12-year-old son.  I am excited about the new school as I know from experience, this school communicates.  The 6th grade center was horrible not so great about that.

Here are a few of my tips for getting through the end of the school year with older kids

  • Have some extra pencils sharpened and ready to go. We had a lot of morning searches for pencils the past few weeks.
  • Don’t worry so much about a schedule but do make the calendar your friend! I still can’t recommend the Cozi app enough.  I’ve found the paid version worth it simply for the sake of being able to send calendar updates to my husband.
  • A week of lunchables won’t hurt anyone.  I sent healthy lunches 90 percent of the year so I’m giving myself a break this week.
  • Breathe.  My joke has always been those breathing exercises weren’t just for childbirth! They work great for the teenage years as well.
  • Start stocking up on snacks and making a plan for the long summer days ahead

Do you have kids in middle school or high school?  What tips would you add?


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