Birds Of The Neighborhood, Part 1

Since I love watching birds, I’ve decided join in the weekly link up over at I’d Rather B Birdin’ Please, let me introduce some of the birds who call our neighborhood home.

Birds of a feather:

I’ve noticed our local bird gang of Grackles tends to be more active during the rainy weeks.  I think this is their leader:

While Grackles are never going to win any bird contests for looks or singing, they are interesting ones to watch.

I guess they aren’t all bad as they do try to do their part in cleaning out the neighbor’s much neglected gutters: However, I don’t see their car washing venture taking off any time soon.

Rocking Robins

Probably a bit more popular than the gang of Grackles are our resident robins.  They sing a softer tune and tend to hang out in numbers low enough to not give a person nightmares.

Thanks in part to a much welcome blaring sun, we had to identify this young robin spotted on our Thursday walk by listening to the songs on the bird id app on my phone:

I startled this bold little robin coming around the side of the house one day and it ruffled it’s feathers right back at me.  Not put off by me or our little gray cat, he likes to frequent the front yard areas of our neighborhood: Who says only the early bird gets the worm? Pretty sure I took this photo later in the afternoon:

Our robins also like to perch on rooftops:

Of course, they also seem to be busy birds!

Other Birds I Spotted This Week But Missed Capturing With The Camera

Spotted in and around the front yard, while sitting on the porch with my mighty protector:

  • a redheaded woodpecker, gone by the time I returned with the camera
  • a pair of titmouse birds (do they have nest nearby perhaps?) chasing off a little nuthatch
  • a couple bluejay taunting me but refusing to cooperate for any decent photos by remaining very high in the treetops
  • a dove gathering nesting supplies
  • a cardinal flitting about in the woody area at the end of the street as well as perched on the power lines
  • a mother crow taking off with her flock (one large crow and several smaller crows)
  • several little swallows too far away and high in the sky for me to properly id them

In the Backyard:

  • the Carolina wren who has been a bit too quiet lately, a relief to spot him!
  • sparrows though not too many
  • another pair of cardinals
  • probably the same blue jays

*I also spotted a hawk of some sort swooping in the wooded area as we were taking our evening walk on Thursday and also saw the resident geese of the pond at the end of the street.

Hopefully, I can capture (with the camera!) a few of the birds listed above at some point this week.

What kinds of birds call your neighborhood home?

If you love watching the birds like I do, click the button below and go visit Anni’s blog for some amazing bird photos!

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10 thoughts on “Birds Of The Neighborhood, Part 1

  1. Beverly Meyers

    That is really cool that you notice and can know your neighborhood birds. I have noticed birds much more since we moved to our new house but I still don’t know what kind a lot of them are. I especially wonder about a bird I HEAR all the time but cannot see it and don’t know what kind it is.

    1. Jean Post author

      My parents had bird feeders and my dad really knew the birds so I picked up quite a bit from them. A bird ID book (I have my dad’s old books) or app really helps though. I know the Merlin one on my phone has a button you can press for the calls. Of course, that probably wouldn’t help if you couldn’t see the bird. Now, I’m curious what bird you are hearing!

  2. Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

    Goodness….but we too have a lot of grackles, I enjoy hearing them converse with the whole brood and flit around. Ya, they are more active when it’s rainy, you wonder why? And the robins…you now have me humming the song “Rockin’ Robin’ in my head.

    Of course, being partial to cats, I love the sentry!!!

    Car wash anyone?

    Before I leave, I want to send along my thanks for linking in at I’d Rather B Birdin’ to share this post with us!!

    1. Jean Post author

      I don’t mind the grackles too much as long as they play somewhat nice with the other birds. I’m still so glad you told me about your link, thank you! On a mission this week to capture those bluejays with my camera, they seem to know the minute I point it in their direction and fly away.


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