Summer Guidelines And Theme Days 2017

Every summer I attempt to find the elusive balance to my days.  This summer is no different. It continues to be an ongoing attempt.  Today, I thought I’d share our summer guidelines and theme days for 2017.

As I searched for summer guidelines for my boys, I focused on articles geared to teens because that pretty much describes them now (okay, one’s 12 but close enough…especially with the attitude, yikes!).  Most of my inspiration for the summer guidelines came from this article over on the Alpha Mom website: Summer House Rules For The Teens.

I’m calling mine guidelines because I was frankly too lazy to make that many rules and if I call them guidelines I can give myself a bit more flexibility and not feel like I’m policing my kids all summer.  Plus (cliché warning) since rules were meant to broken, calling them summer guidelines might give us better chances at success.   summer guidelines

Our Summer Guidelines 2017

The most important one for me focuses on bedtime.  It seems strange giving teens and almost teens summer bedtime but letting them stay up until all hours just wasn’t working especially when my husband and I do work.  Well, okay I only work sometimes but still…

Bedtime Hours Monday-Through Thursday:  Midnight!  All gaming and television screens need to be shut down.

Friday-Sunday:  No limits although I’ll probably get up and yell if they are keeping me awake and it’s after 3a.m.

*I’m not designating wake up times since they get up earlier if they go to bed at decent times.  By earlier, I mean 10:30 or 11:00 which is okay with me.  I can even handle noon but that waiting around until 2:00 for a kid to get out of bed didn’t work so well for me last summer.

Household Help:  This starts today so wish me luck!  Everyone will be assigned one room (kitchen, living room, bathrooms) for the week.  They are responsible for keeping it presentable by cleaning it for 5-10 minutes each day. Bedrooms should get 15 minutes of attention (cleaning) each day or an hour at the end of each week.

Outside Time: Spend some time outside every single day.  I’m not setting any limits here just as long as they get some exposure to sunlight.  J is usually more than wiling to water the garden for me and G often walks places with his friends.

Outings:  Since my kids are homebodies, I need this one.  We will go on one outing every week not counting library day.

Do you have summer guidelines or rules for your kids?  I want to give my boys freedom and yet I’ve quickly realized they need a few limits with that freedom (as do I).


I was also pleasantly surprised to find out J still wanted to do our summer theme days!  Again, we’ll have to be flexible as I’ll be working some but here are our summer theme days for 2017:

Sunday: Lazy Days

Monday: Science Days (Focus on Physics, help me! and Chemistry)

Tuesday: Library Day

Wednesday: Outing Day

Thursday: Cooking Day

Friday: Game Day (games we can all play)

My plan is to once again review our theme days of the week on Tuesdays.  It may not happen every Tuesday as my word for summer, I suppose is flexibility.  Do you have any guidelines or theme days for your summer planned yet?


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2 thoughts on “Summer Guidelines And Theme Days 2017

  1. Rachel D

    Way to go on being organized for this summer! I hope your guidelines work out. I love how you call them guidelines and not rules. That helps I think. At our house, our schedule is so crazy that we don’t really do hard and fast rules and schedules; that being said I have implemented chore charts and expectations to what is done each day. They have their chores (straighten room, pick up clothes, etc.) as well as daily zone work (about 10-15 minutes of cleaning up in a zone– this week Rebecca has our living room and Jacob has our dining room, Ben has our mudroom and helping me clean the bathroom). They also have to do 15 minutes of reading for the Summer Reading program at the library and 2 workbook pages in their summer workbook. There is no set time that these have to be done; they just have to be done before bedtime which during the week is still around 9pm. We really don’t do theme days due to the nature of our crazy schedule, but we do have a couple things penciled in, like library day on Thursdays when they have their special programs and grocery store on Friday morning. Hope your Summer works out!
    Rachel D recently posted..Weigh In Wedneday #23 of 2017My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks, clearly I’m not super organized for summer as I just let a whole week slide without paying much attention to my blog! Sounds like you have a great plan and routine in place for your summer already 🙂


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