Happy Homemaker Uh, Wednesday?

Unexpectedly working early on a Monday morning and working again on Tuesday means not nearly enough time to work on my blog! Add in the kids home on summer break and I get even less time.

Having a plan in my head is not the same as having it all typed out so I can refer back to it.  Yes, I come back and check what I wrote so I can remember my weekly plan. Am I the only one?

It also means, I miss catching up with Sandra and all the other great bloggers who join in her weekly Happy Homemaker Monday link up.  It’s just before 8:00a.m. on Wednesday morning so I’m going to see if I can’t still join in the weekly fun.

The Weather This Week

Who knows.  It seems to change every time I check my phone app or watch the weather on TV.  It rained a bit Monday, yesterday was super nice, and today there’s a chance of a thunderstorm.

Right Now I Am

Drinking my coffee and writing this blog post.

On My Reading Pile

The usual stack of overdue library books.  I want to start The Terror by Dan Simmons but have to check and see if I need to renew it first.  Everything else can go back.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

The only thing I really watched was season 2 of Quantico on Netflix.  Not quite as good as season 1 even if I did watch the entire thing in a matter of days.  End of the season was a bit anti-climatic, still glad there will be a season 3.

On My TV

No idea.  Need to focus more on cleaning and reading than watching TV this week.

On The Menu For This Week

Monday:  My husband fried crappie (fish) *I worked 10-2 and then was called back to work 4-6*

Tuesday:  Spaghetti with meat sauce *I worked 9:30-noon*

Wednesday: Turkey sausages and salad

Thursday: Chicken of some sort (maybe homemade Chik-Fil-A sandwiches)  *I work 8:30 to 5*

Friday:  Pork chops and potatoes (might switch Thursday and Friday menus around)

On My To-Do List

  1. Grocery store
  2. Pay bills
  3. Whole house clean up (today)
  4. Take overdue library books and other items back to library
  5. General shopping
  6. Make more detailed list of several small house cleaning/organizing projects to complete

What I Am Creating

Sigh.  Nothing.

From The Camera

I keep waiting impatiently for the pot of lavender on the front porch to bloom.

What I’m Wearing Today

Jean shorts and my South Dakota tee-shirt

Simple Pleasure

Sitting on my front porch.

Quote For The Week

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.  (Dalai Lama)


What kind of summer week are you having?

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2 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Uh, Wednesday?

  1. Tamy

    I was without internet for 2 days when some idiot pulling in the new AT&T line cut the ENTIRE neighborhood off from ALL service. It will take me a while to catch up with everyone so know how you feel this wek.

    The lavender will bloom when you are not looking LOL. Have a great week.
    Tamy recently posted..BBQ BACON CHEESEBURGER MEATBALLSMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      It’s tough to go without internet. Ours is acting up today as it rained overnight (I guess that’s why? No idea really). Waiting for the lavender must be like watching a pot of water and waiting for it to boil I suppose…Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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