Five On Friday: My Summer Solace

Just a quick post today as I have to work at noon on this super hot summer day.  When I titled my Happy Homemaker Monday post “right back to busy,” I hoped to ease back into things.

Not so much.  Work called on Wednesday, again yesterday to add  to my hours, and today  I’ll work my planned schedule.  I’m still working on that plan for saving my summer but while it stalls in progress, I have re-discovered my summer solace.

No, it’s not my work although it actually helps.  Never underestimate the power of 3-5 year old children to help you feel better about anything and everything.  My summer solace is simply being outside and taking in my front of the house flower garden.  I just started working on it this year.

I’ve started referring to my front yard garden space as my “shabby chic” garden as weeding is not my thing so I don’t bother.  My flowers are all running together but they still make me happy and soothe me.  For my Five On Friday (don’t forget to check out the link up hosted by the F.A.S.T. blog!), I thought I’d share some images from my messy little garden area.

My Summer Solace Found Outside In The Garden

  1. Surprises From The Moment I Step Out The Front Door

    This walking stick right on the (very dirty) front door startled me this morning. 

    Not only did the above walking stick startle me this morning so did the bloom on the rose-bush.  I think I may have to name our rosebush Lazarus! Every time I think it’s gone, it comes back.

    I was happy to see this rose bloom this morning, it will fade away by the afternoon.

    2. My flower areas do not look like much from afar…

    My “shabby chic” mess

    J took this photo!

    The area right in front of the front porch

    3. However, a closer look reveals wonderful flowers in bloom

    photo credit again goes to J

    The blazing star getting ready to bloom

    And blooming

    4. Looking even closer, I find smaller blooms and a few creatures

    The milkweed finally bloomed with tiny orange flowers.

    Not sure about these bugs, I’m really hoping the Japanese beetles have finally flown away!

    And one last close-up photo of my favorite garden creature….I am determined to get a better photo at some point.  Our little gray cat, for whatever reason, just loves to bump me when I’m trying to photograph this little guy!

    I wish this little spiny spider would be more willing to pose for me

     5. Random Notes

    My husband mentioned earlier in the week he saw a hummingbird in my garden.  He said it didn’t stick around though.  Then, on Wednesday, he surprised me by bringing home a hummingbird feeder!

    My husband surprised me with a hummingbird feeder on Wednesday!

    I was lucky enough to briefly see a hummingbird myself this morning.  We were both startled by each other though so no photo this time.  I’ll finish this post with one of my favorite flowers instead… Hope you’ve enjoyed a brief look at my area of summer solace as much as I enjoyed sharing it.  Do you have an area that brings you peace and enjoyment?

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8 thoughts on “Five On Friday: My Summer Solace

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! It was a little too hot to sit out and enjoy it today, really looking forward to the rain that is supposed to be moving our way.

  1. Hootin' Anni

    Pretty flowers! I love the purples [a favorite color for me] and that last image is gorgeous. I’ve only ONCE seen a walking stick. They’re creepy. And a new hummingbird feeder…hope you see lots more of them.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I sure hope our hummingbird will stick around long enough at some point that I can get a photo (they’re quick little birds!).

  2. Tricky Wolf

    I think your shabby chic garden looks fantastic, all this focus on weeding out “bad plants” it takes away the diversity! your pollinators will thank you for letting native species flourish in your yard

    Thanks for joining in once again with Five on Friday, We hope you have an amazing week 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! We have a lot of swamp milkweed that springs up around our yard so I’m happy to have it in the garden for the monarch butterflies since the city gets a bit fussy if you don’t mow your lawn. Hope you have a great week as well!


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