Green Tea As A Cure-All

I thought I’d let you all in on how I use green tea as a cure-all for today’s Tiny Tip on Thursday post. It’s been a while since I shared any tips.

I’m sure the benefits of green tea aren’t going to come as a surprise to anyone reading this.

Not long ago, Tamy over at Chasing My Life shared an info graphic about green tea on one of her Happy Homemaker Monday posts.

Here are some of the ways I’ve used green tea as a cure-all:

  • The most obvious one is I drink it! Technically, I drink Stash brand Chai Green tea.
  • If my stomach is feeling off, I’ll start by drinking a cup of tea.  Sometimes it really helps.
  • If I need to relax, I’ll drink a cup of tea. Just one though…the stuff still has caffeine. I’ve found two cups is not exactly relaxing.
  • If I have a cough, I’ll drink a cup of regular green tea with lemon juice and honey mixed into my cup.  This is my go-to when the bronchial stuff finds me in the fall/winter months.
  • At Christmas, I had the beginning of an eye infection. Since I didn’t know of any urgent care open on Christmas night, I turned to Dr. Google and discovered Green Tea has weak antibiotic properties.  A cup of green tea (I used the regular stuff here) to drink and then a warm tea bag on my infected eye. Soothing in  so many ways. And my eye was better the next day!
  • Recently I had an infected bug bite, it hurt! It was during one of our hot, humid spells. Dutifully, putting the Neosporin antibiotic cream on it was not helping much.  A couple of nights with a green tea bag did the trick!

Here’s the part where I go I’m not a doctor and I don’t pretend to be one on the Internet either. If you need a doctor, please call one.  The above are just some things I’ve actually done and found to be successful.

One thing I don’t do is drink the green tea in the morning. I’ll stick with my coffee during the a.m. hours thank you very much.

Do you drink green tea? Have you found it to be beneficial?


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2 thoughts on “Green Tea As A Cure-All

    1. Jean Post author

      I am not entirely sure I’ve ever tried chamomile tea. It’s supposed to be relaxing right? I may have to look into getting a mix of that with green tea.


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