Five On Friday: Waiting

This has been a week of waiting.

I’ve enrolled my 2 boys in 2 schools and waited in numerous lines within the schools to do so.  It’s an annual thing.

We took two additional trips to the high school Wednesday for my teenager to wait on a counselor to see about changing a course.  In between our trips, I waited in a much too long drive-thru line at McDonald’s before losing my patience.  City living benefits, 2 McDonald’s locations within a 5 mile radius.

  1. J spent time waiting for the bus on Thursday for 7th grade orientation.  I brought out the camera while I kept a close but not too close eye on the corner.  The bus took awhile. Even our little gray cat grey a bit impatient. waiting waiting


    Where’s the bus?

    The bus did finally arrive.  J’s 3 hour orientation went fine (no doubts about it not doing so) other than him arriving home with news they placed him in the wrong math class. So, now there is more waiting for a returned phone call.

  2.  Interesting story about this shell spider who waited patiently for this meal of flies. This is the second shell spider to grace the area in front of our porch.  I took the first one to work with me and worried when I captured him that he looked a bit well, dead.  Not long after, I found this smaller little shell spider in his or perhaps I should say her  place.  Charlotte’s Web in real life! Except our little spider never wrote any messages to a pig or the cat (as far as I know).

  3. I spent some time wondering if these clouds would bring us yet more rain…                                                                                                                                                        

    They didn’t during the day and early evening hours but the dampness of the front porch this morning makes me think the overnight hours saw a few raindrops.

  4. Waited until National S’mores Day arrived to pull these from the cabinet.  Then, we just had to wait for the fire.  waiting


    This was a fun way to finally get rid of some storm debris

    waiting waiting

  5.  And I waited for the sun to go down as well as a busy bat to fly into view and be still long enough for a photo.  No luck with the sunset or the bat!

    The blurry blob toward the center is my busy bat, hopefully he was busy eating mosquitoes!

    What things have had you waiting this week?  Don’t forget to check out the Five on Friday link up, hosted by the F.A.S.T. blog!




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6 thoughts on “Five On Friday: Waiting

  1. Rachel

    This week has been spent waiting on phone calls to be returned, waiting on my kids’ school to post class list (finally posted late last night), waiting to see which day Ben goes to Kindergarten next week (his school does a staggered start for K–half the kids go on Thursday, half on Friday, then everyone the following Monday). Waiting on my energy levels to come up. I am with you. Right now I am waiting on some motivation to get some cleaning done…LOL

    Hope you have a good weekend!
    Rachel recently posted..Using Nature to Feel BetterMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Interesting way to start Kindergarten! Our kids always started a day late (or was it early? Wow, now I know I have older kids because I really can’t remember…). I do remember it was tough sending that second one to Kindergarten, hang in there. Still can’t believe school is starting already. Feel like I say that every single year though. Hope you enjoy the last few days of your kids’ break.

  2. Tricky Wolf

    it may be somewhat criminal, but i’ve never tried smores! I will try and remedy that before the end of the year haha

    Thanks for joining in again with Five on Friday, I appreciate all of your support and hope you have a wonderful week
    Tricky Wolf recently posted..Suicide and Mental HealthMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      You should definitely make smores sometime soon just to say you’ve tried them. My youngest son just prefers the marshmallows usually. It’s probably more criminal that we make them in the microwave more often than the proper way over a “camp” fire. Hope you are doing well this week, please take care.


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