Happy Homemaker Monday, Another Full-Time Work Week

I’m putting my post together on Sunday night as I have another full-time work week on the horizon.  This is usually a slower month for my work as sub but not this year.

I’ve found it’s quite helpful especially on my busier weeks to have a weekly plan. So, I’m happy to be joining in with our host, Sandra from Diary of a Stay At Home Mom, for another Happy Homemaker Monday post.

Lots to do tonight to be ready for tomorrow so on to the post…

The Weather 

While the weather is wrecking havoc in the coastal states, we actually are set to have a really nice week here.  Highs in the upper 70s to mid 80s all week and lots of sunshine.  Seems almost wrong to say we could actually use a little rain.  One benefit of working at a preschool all week is that I know I’ll get to spend lots of time outside enjoying it. The Labor Day sunset was a cloudless, strange, beautiful red orb. We enjoyed it a lot less once we learned the smokey haze from the wildfires burning in the west caused the bizarre red sunset.  The photos don’t really capture the essence of it well enough.

Right Now I Am

Wondering when I started working full-time?  Half-listening to the football coverage on the television.  Trying to figure out how to make my part-time wardrobe work this week and thinking I need to probably do a load of laundry.  Thinking that J didn’t bring his P.E. clothes home. Wondering what else is going on this week. Lots of thoughts bouncing around in my brain…

On My Reading Pile

I’ve decided to set aside the Game of Thrones book for a bit.  Will probably look in a bit and see what the Amazon Prime free book selections were for September 1 and choose one of those to read.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

Netflix finally added season 7 of The Walking Dead so I watched 2 episodes of that.  I already knew who was going to be at the end of Lucille but I was still a bit sad.  My husband watched about 15 minutes of the second episode of season 7 with me before deciding nope. He’s never been interested in the show & the teenager makes fun of me for watching.

Needed something light later so I sat and watched the musical, Bye Bye Birdie.  I’d surprisingly never seen it but it turned out my 7th grader had watched it in elementary school.  I really enjoyed it!

Oh, and my husband and I watched one episode off our two episode disc of Game of Thrones.  He’s almost done with the show…says he’ll give it 2-3 more episodes before he decides.  I’ll probably keep watching it.

On My TV

Maybe the Master Chef finale if I remember. I watched the semi final last week so I’m sort of hoping Karma catches a chef I thought was incredibly rude and disrespectful to another contestant.  Haven’t been watching the whole season just bits and pieces of the shows so I don’t really care who wins.

My Menu For This Week

The word for the menu this week is SIMPLE.  Of course, I’m still working my way through the great pantry, fridge, freezer clean out and on a Spend Less September so it will be interesting.

MONDAY:  Tacos  *I work 8-4*

TUESDAY:  BLT’s *I work 8:30-3:45* *G has early morning band practice*

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken of some sort*I work 7:45-4:14* *G has early morning band practice*

THURSDAY:  Ham Steaks *I work 9:30-6:00* *class ring order night for G* *G has evening band practice*

FRIDAY: No idea, spaghetti?  *I work 9:30-6:00*

To-Do List

  1. Any of the stuff from last week that I can didn’t do and can fit in to this week
  2. Set out fruit fly traps. It’s that season!
  3. Laundry, pick out clothes to wear this week
  4. Make a “I am not available” work date list
  5. Confirm some of my current work schedule since I’m a bit confused by it

What I Am Creating

Well, I did organize the fridge back on Labor Day.  Does that count? And bonus, it still looks pretty good a week later!  These photos are from last week.

Looking Around The House

I think I missed the party!

From The Camera

Super excited to have spotted this monarch caterpillar on some milkweed in our backyard on Saturday afternoon. Simple Pleasure

Watching the little biographical shorts a local movie station airs before it’s Saturday afternoon selections. I don’t make an effort to tune into them so it’s always a pleasant surprise when I come across one.

Quote For The Week

In remembrance of today:

United We Stand.  


And in true busy week fashion (yes, I’m aware it’s only Monday), I’m finishing the post I started on Sunday night at 5:00p.m. on Monday.  What’s on your agenda for the week?


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2 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, Another Full-Time Work Week

  1. Tori

    Wow! You definitely are busy this week! Hope you have a good week ahead. Great job on the fridge! I need to organize mine as well. I will probably tackle that this week. LOL
    I never get to watch much of TWD anymore. It has definitely seemed a hectic year for everyone. Now back to school time and with the holidays approaching it seems even more so!

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, and I made it busier by going to a band parent meeting last night and agreeing to work 9:30 til 6 tomorrow. Hoping for a much calmer week next week, I need it. Thanks, I used a guide I found in Real Simple magazine to do it. I only watch TWD on Netflix, usually binge watching an entire season at a time! Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday.

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