Spend Less September, Week 1

How did your first week of a spend less September go?  Here’s how the week of trying to spend less went over here. 

Goal 1: Cut the grocery bill in half

A great plan. Not a bad reality although I didn’t quite achieve the half-way mark.  I should note that I am a once a week grocery shopper and not a list maker.  It just works best for me.

I went about $20 over my half-way point and I’m going to call it a semi-success considering I managed to postpone a trip I usually make on either Sunday nights or Mondays until Thursday evening. Going right before my mom’s night out helped keep me focused although it was also a Chiefs game night so the store was busy!

Confession time: We did order pizza on Saturday night but it worked out as we had a coupon and it gave me something different to send in the boys’ lunch on Monday.

Goal 2: No Frivolous Target Trips

Done! Working helps with this. Not much of an evening or weekend shopper.

Goal 3: On-Line Shopping Freeze

Worked very hard at this goal. This is where the temptation is coming from lots of angles! I’ve been cringing and deleting lots of “deal” e-mails all week.  I did order some Gamma Labs G Fuel through Amazon on Sunday evening but it is something I drink every time I work.

Since it’s full of vitamin B & C and a lot more portable (and honestly, tastes better) than the other cold prevention drinks, I consider it a work expense. Certainly, missed it today and was glad to see the package on the doorstep after work.

Other Expenses This Week:


Mom’s night out was last Thursday and we ate out at a local Mexican restaurant. It was a much-needed break.  (about $22)


Subway for football game night (planned, about $20), football game admission ($10 for my husband & I, we let J stay home until half-time), food and drink at game ($10, my husband didn’t want to eat Subway & ate at the game)


Finally mailed a package to a friend (about $13 for the box), BK for lunch for the boys & I ($15), and we ordered pizzas for dinner ($20 with a coupon).

Goals For The Coming Week:

  1. Cut Grocery Bill In Half, continue to find meals from items we have on hand
  2. No Target Trips!
  3. Only Eat Out One Time This Weekend (Need to be realistic over here)
  4. Keep Up On-Line Shopping Freeze
  5. Take A Day Trip Somewhere Free


Clearly, weekends are my spending downfall…not sure how we’ll do this weekend.  No football game so that should help.  I also work until 6 on Friday evening and expect I’ll be too tired to go anywhere.

We’ll see what this Saturday and Sunday bring.

Please share in the comments if you are meeting your spend less September goals. Or are you like me still struggling a bit to reign in the summertime spending habits?



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2 thoughts on “Spend Less September, Week 1

  1. Kristina

    I sort of try to get a grip on spending each week. I am trying to use cash only (keeps myself on target with how much I spend, and where I spend it). We dropped cable this year, and saved a ton of money. We don’t eat out very often either – maybe once every 2 months or more. We eat in more often and go out to do free events, or motorcycle rides (paying gas/food only) with friends.

    1. Jean Post author

      I find I always do a bit better when I do cash only as well. Sounds like you have a good grip on the spending over there!


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