Embracing The Fall Season For 31 Days

I’m ready to embrace the fall season.  It’s time to try it.  It’s also time to try, try again with another 31 Days post.

My success rate with these 31 days series is not so great. You can check out my other two unfinished series here.  Perhaps the third time will be the charm?

If you know me, you know that I love all things summer.  Summer is my favorite.  Spring is the runner-up in my personal favorite season contest.  So many friends love the distant third fall season (as well as my husband and oldest son) that I’ve decided to try to embrace it for 31 days.

fall season

Ways I’ll Try To Embrace The Fall Season:

  • The Weather
  • The Food (thankfully, I am a fan of pumpkin)
  • The Fashion
  • The Decor
  • The Holidays (Halloween)

I hope you’ll join me as I explore and attempt to experience all the nuances of the season.  Please, feel free to share any suggestions on how I can better enjoy the season as well.

This morning started with pumpkin muffins to celebrate the first day of October.  Look for the recipe on Tuesday.  Tomorrow, I plan to share my fall bucket list.

This will be the landing page for the series so you’ll be able to come back here to see a link to every post.

Hopefully, there will be 31 posts in my series this time!

  1. Today’s introduction, see above
  2. My Fall Season Bucket List
  3. Pumpkin Muffin Recipe
  4. .Autumn Quotes
  5. .Fall Cleaning Tip: Getting The Most Out Of The Clorox Wipes
  6. .Fall Season Struggles
  7. .Fall Birding
  8. .Fall Transition: Finding Beauty
  9. .Fall Food Review: Pumpkin Harvest Crisp Yogurt
  10. .Fall Flowers To Brighten Things Up Around Here
  11. .A Fall Quote
  12. .Creepy Crawlies, Stay Away!
  13. .Five Things I Like About Fall
  14. State Bird of Missouri
  15. Fall Fashion: A New Purse For A New Season
  16. Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal: Another Fall Food Review
  17. .Fall Movie List
  18. .Autumn Bliss
  19. .Throw Pillow Placement
  20. .Candy Apple Chaos: Use Recipe At Your Own Risk
  21. .Bluebird Of Happiness
  22. .Sick In Fall
  23. .Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts, One More Fall Food Review
  24. .Jacket Weather
  25. .Autumn Sky
  26. .Quick Fall Table Decoration
  27. .Almost Halloween: Five On Friday
  28. .Snowbird, A Bird By Any Other Name
  29. .A Full Fall Mind
  30. Halloween Treat Bags
  31. .Happy Halloween!


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27 thoughts on “Embracing The Fall Season For 31 Days

  1. Amber

    Hello, I’m also in the 31 Day Challenge. I will be following along with you, do you mind if I share your button image and link to this page on my landing page?

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