Happy Homemaker Monday, Welcome To October

I’m not going to say it but I’m thinking it with you: Where did September go?

Starting my post once again on Sunday afternoon since I never quite know what Monday morning might bring.  Right now, it holds the promise of bringing a quiet house that I get to stay home and enjoy.

My full-time work weeks are over for a bit and I’m looking forward to a bit more of a relaxed pace for at least a few days.  Glad to be joining in with Sandra and her Happy Homemaker Monday post for a week at home perhaps!?

Let’s look at the week ahead.

The Weather

Currently, it’s almost chilly and there seems to be the slightest hint of a rain shower in the air. However, by tomorrow (Monday) it’s supposed to be in the low 80s and sunny the first part of our week and rainy and cooler in the second half.

Right Now I Am

Enjoying the open windows and brewing a cup of Chai Green Tea while working on this post.  Also, noticing the Hackberry gnats arrival (ugh).

On My Reading Pile

I’m collecting a list of books I want to read. Since I actually had a dream about my library fines, I suppose I better make paying them a bit of a priority this week. Yesterday, I spent part of the evening reading and recycling a large stack of September magazines.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

Not on the weekend but I think on Wednesday night, the boys sat and watched Moana with me.  We all were surprised by how much we enjoyed it.  I have a bunch of Netflix shows I’m in the middle of watching:  Parks and Recreation (current go-to), The Walking Dead, Fuller House, Madam Secretary (can’t remember if I finished the season or they added a new one on there?), my husband and I are still trying to find time to watch the next Game of Thrones disc as well.

My Menu For This Week

Looking at my last menu, the only day we followed it was Friday when we had Subway.  We added a sick kid to the busy schedule and the menu didn’t really work so it’ll be repeats on a few items this week.  Also, no more home football games so we’re also going to take a break from Subway.

MONDAY: Chili and/or hot dogs  *Chiefs game*

TUESDAY: Chicken legs *G has early morning band practice* *J has robotics club after school*

WEDNESDAY: Pork chops *G has early morning band practice* *J has robotics club after school*

THURSDAY: Tacos, maybe chicken enchiladas *G has evening band practice* *I might be working 8-4*

FRIDAY: Fish maybe…maybe breakfast for dinner…maybe OUT *I might be working 8-4*

To-Do List

  1. Get definitive schedule for J’s robotics stuff
  2. Call school district transportation department about after school bus stop
  3. Call my work to clarify my schedule for this week plus one other day
  4. Figure out and pay library fines
  5. Continue to change over e-mail
  6. Clean.The.House.
  7. Work on 31 Days blog series
  8. Grocery store changing this to clean out the fridge!
  9. Camera practice
  10. Relax

What I Am Creating

Working on a new blog series:  31 Days of Embracing The Fall Season.  Do you join in the write 31 days in October?  Let me know in the comments so I can check out your series!

Looking Around The House

Needs picked up and a good fall cleaning.  We shall see how far I get.

From The Camera

Yesterday, I went and walked in a 5k to support family members involved with the local chapter of NAMI in Kansas City. The local organization is fully run by volunteers right now.  It was a beautiful day to walk along the river at Berkley Waterfront Park in Kansas City.  I took the picture below with my phone as I opted to leave my camera at home.

Simple Pleasure

Watching movies with the boys.

Quote For The Week

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. (Confucius)


What do you have on your agenda for the first week of October?

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6 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, Welcome To October

  1. shellie

    I love your inspirational quote! Moana was one of the best Disney movies they have made in some time ! Hope you have a blessed week!

  2. Rebecca L Knox

    Enjoyed reading your post, Jean, and love the pic of Berkley Waterfront Park! (HOME!!! deep sigh LOVE IT!) It cracks me up to know that we are both writing about fall on the 31-Day writing challenge. I’m glad though! To me, in October, there could be no topic more inspiring TO write about. LOL! Have a blessed week ahead!

    P.S. – Love the quote! What a timely reminder! Thank you!
    Rebecca L Knox recently posted..Happy Homemaker Monday – October 2, 2017My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I don’t get over by that park very often but I always enjoy the area when I do. It is funny that we both picked the same topic. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on fall. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Jean Post author

      I was pretty slow with my walking but I did do the full 5k walk. The weather was perfect. Thanks. Hope you’ve been having a wonderful week!


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