Autumn Quotes

Since one of my fall bucket list items is to collect autumn quotes and poems, I’ve decided to share one each Wednesday.

Monday was a sunny, almost hot fall day.  Okay, it was hot.  We turned our a/c back on during the afternoon.  The sun glared in my eyes on the way to J’s school on Tuesday morning.  As I drove back from the school, I watched the wind push gray wispy clouds across the sky.

Right now there is a hint of a cool rain in the air.  If it doesn’t arrive today, it will surely come by the end of the week.  Makes me glad I took advantage of the warm weather on Monday by going for a short walk.

I found this Nathaniel Hawthorne quote on Goodreads and thought it fitting for our current weather.  autumn quotes

I thought I’d also go ahead and share a few pictures from my walk.  These were taken along the Little Blue Trace Trail, a popular spot for biking and walking.  The trail is 11 miles.  No, I did not walk 11 miles of this trail! The part I chose was not the prettiest and rather busy and noisy (part of the trail goes under Interstate 70 and they were mowing).

Still, I did notice and enjoy little peaceful pockets of nature in the fall sunshine.


autumn quotes

Hello, walnut tree! 

autumn quotes

most our trees are just barely starting to change color 

autumn quotes

Beautiful yellow and black garden spider! 

autumn quotes

Had trouble identifying this in a hurry caterpillar

autumn quotes

pretty flowers waving goodbye to summer


What’s your favorite quote about autumn?  This post is part of my 31 days of embracing the fall season series.  You can read any posts you may have missed here.




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