Fall Cleaning Tip: Getting The Most Out Of The Clorox Wipes

Since it’s Thursday, I’m just going to share a tiny fall cleaning tip. This tip could probably apply to any time of year.

Part of trying to embrace fall for me means getting the house ready for the upcoming holiday season.  So, I’m cleaning the many neglected parts.  It pretty much translates to cleaning the entire house.

Yesterday, following Mark Twain’s advice, I started in the kitchen.  I faced down my old nemesis, the kitchen table.  I plan to add a bit more fall decor to it at some point but right now, it’s simply nice to see the top clear aside from a bowl of apples and a lonely banana. fall cleaning tip

The long view: fall cleaning tip While the bowl of apples and clear kitchen table is lovely now, it did not start that way.

There were so many piles! And did somebody spill water?  A bad apple in the bag was trying to turn the others against us.  Thankfully, I caught it time before we lost too many apples to the mush. I used Clorox wipes to quickly blot up the rotting fruit juice.

Are you a fan of Clorox wipes?  fall cleaning tip I feel lost if we don’t have them in the house.  I blogged about some things I use them to clean in this post.

One aggravation I have with them is how I always run out of wipes before the container runs out of solution.  This is one of those simple everyone may know this already but me tips I’ll be sharing.

Fall Cleaning Tip: A Trick For Getting The Most Out Of The Clorox Wipes:

When you’ve used the last wipe, take some paper towels (I like the half-sheet ones) and put about 4-5 in the container.  fall cleaning tip Next, turn the container upside down.  I guess you could also shake it.  fall cleaning tip

The towels will soak up the extra solution and you can use them just like the original wipes.  fall cleaning tip

My fall cleaning in the kitchen will include: wiping down all the cabinets, clearing off and wiping off the fridge, clearing out and organizing the cabinets with special focus on the baking cabinet, maybe organizing the art supply cabinet. Yesterday, I also wiped down the kitchen walls and steam mopped the floors.

What does your fall kitchen cleaning include?

*This post is part of my 31 days of embracing the fall season series.

*Note: I didn’t get any compensation from Clorox for this post, I just like to use them.  The tip could also apply to the Lysol wipes, Sam’s Club or even the Dollar Tree brands which I’ve also used in the past.

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