Fall Season Struggles

Seems a perfect day to share my fall season struggles since it is what imagine to be an a perfect day for the season lovers out there.

It’s cloudy and gray outside with a chill in the air.  A light drizzly rain is falling inside.  I have a roast going in the crock pot.  If I had pulled out my fall candles yet, it would be a good day to light a few.

Before I can attempt to embrace this fall season, I should probably examine my struggles with it.

My Fall Season Struggles:

ONE: The Weather

fall season struggles

I’m not opposed to a good rain shower now and then.  There’s certainly nothing like a good spring or summer thunderstorm to cool things down.  And an occasional fall rain doesn’t bother me.  It’s just the endless days of skies that look like this that wear on my mood.  fall season struggles

I get a bit tired of soggy ground after the second day. fall season struggles I prefer the sunny days so I struggle with these cloudy, rainy days.

TWO: The Fashion

This struggle may be a bit more pronounced simply because I live in the Midwest.  It’s hard enough to decide what to wear each day but throw in a day where it starts out in the 50s, sometimes the 40s, and is in the upper 80s by afternoon and it’s almost impossible!

Layers.  Yes, I know. Layers.  Then, those become the lost layers. The forgotten jackets and sweaters.  And because of the ever-changing weather, I dare not put away my tee-shirts and shorts yet I must get out all my fall clothes as well.

Then, there’s the whole leggings and boots thing.  I simply don’t get it.

fall season struggles

These boots make my feet hurt if I wear them for too long.

I own a couple of pair of leggings but have yet to figure out the right weather to wear them.  Or maybe it’s fear of the fashion police.

I also own a couple of pair of boots.  One pair I wear in the winter for quick jaunts outside the house but not too often because they make my feet sweat.  The others I like but don’t wear as often (and hardly ever to work) because they make my feet hurt.  Summer crocs are my perfect shoes and I wear them well past the season.

I’ll just go ahead and surrender to the fashion police now, at least I won’t have to worry about what I wear while I’m in fashion jail, right?

THREE: Hunting Season

fall season struggles

This is my husband’s passion and I knew this well before we were married and had kids.  It didn’t bother me as much when it was just us. He had his thing and being a fairly independent person by nature, I had my time.

My interest in getting up while it’s still dark so I can be sitting in a tree by dawn waiting for a deer to wander by me is ZERO.  I don’t mind staying home and enjoying a few days of flavored coffee (my husband despises flavored coffee).

It’s just that if someone is going to be sick or something is going to happen, it will 95% happen while my husband is away hunting.  When the boys were little, stomach flu almost always arrived right with hunting season.  A bizarre severe allergic reaction?  No better time than while my husband is away hunting.

Also, it limits our family time, one of the constant fall season struggles.

Don’t even get me started on how opening season corresponds perfectly to our youngest son’s birthday which means planning is tense every year.  I try to be a good sport about my husband’s “holiday season” but sometimes the constant inconveniences of it make me a bit irritable.

I’d never ask him to give it up and having deer meat in the freezer has saved us on our grocery budget.  It’s just not my favorite time of year.

Four: The Scary Movie Commercials

Know what’s fun when you’re a chicken and your husband is out-of-town?  Stumbling across a commercial advertising a terrifying movie.  No, thank you.

Five: The Overwhelm Of Festivals and Events

The slower pace of summer is simply more suited to my personality than the ever hectic pace of the fall.

It’s almost worse than the Christmas season.  The (probably imaginary) pressure to do all the things! Every weekend there’s a festival or event I think we should try to attend.  This is just one calendar of some of the things going on in our area this weekend.

Do you have any fall season struggles?


Yes, these struggles are a bit silly but they are true to me.  And, I’m trying to embrace the fall season this year by blogging about it as part of the write 31 days challenge. You can read my other posts in the series here.

Don’t worry, I don’t hate all things fall.  Look soon for a post about what I do enjoy about the fall season.

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14 thoughts on “Fall Season Struggles

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  2. Marie-OR

    I do understand your negative feelings about Fall, though I feel like the joys far out-weigh any negatives. My biggest issue is knowing Fall will be short here in Central Oregon (but hey it was non-existent in Tucson!) and I dread the coming snows. No, I do love it when it snows, but not too much snow like this past December & January! That was rough on us, just coming out of the desert. Just enjoying October while I can!

    1. Jean Post author

      We’ve had really unusually mild winters the past 2 years in our area which I loved until all the things (like Japanese beetles) the hard freeze controls had a huge population. I would welcome some heavier snows this year (just not too many ;)) In the past, we’ve actually had brief snows in October but it’s been a long while. Hope you enjoy your October!

  3. Sharon K

    I like Autumn because it’s not as hot as summer but, like you, I live in the mid-west and you never know what the weather is going to be like! Yesterday I went out early in the morning so dressed for the cooler morning. By the time afternoon came I was quite hot as it warmed up a lot!

    I have a hunting husband too, though not so much recently. I have to sort of reconcile it with me being a vegetarian (opposites attract lol). I can’t understand the interest in sitting still for long periods of time either but I think it’s the hunter/gatherer thing.

    Happy Five on Friday!

    1. Jean Post author

      There was a day last week where I thought it was going to be cooler and by the afternoon I was questioning why I was in my “winter clothes.” Yes, opposites certainly do attract! Of course, the world would be so boring if we were all the same. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Jean Post author

      I can deal with some of them easier than others and depending on what time of day/night it might be. Of course, I’m a chicken and even some of the 48 Hours/Dateline stuff gets me if I happen to be home alone for a night or two.

  4. Rachel

    I agree with the weather factor and the fashion factor. You just never know what the weather is going to be… We had a teaser of fall last week with 2 days in the 50s and I was so ready for fall. Then it was back up to 85 for a few days. Supposed to be 83 and pretty warm tomorrow. 🙁 I am ready for cooler weather so that I can start making comfort food dinners— pot roast, turkey breast, etc. I don’t have to deal with hunting, however it is getting to be tournament time for high school sports and that takes a LOT of my husband’s time so he is gone all the time….

    So I guess for me the biggest issue is the fashion part…my kids have already lost 2 jackets at school….
    Rachel recently posted..What’s been happening around here?My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, I’m with you on needing cooler weather for the comfort food dinners. This is the second week I had to put my plans for chili on hold because it was just too hot outside. Maybe this week. Hopefully, your kids’ school has a lost and found? I can recall how the elementary school’s bin was always over-flowing. Hope you are able to relax a bit this weekend!

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